progressing c1, 2 ,3 on chick with BF
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  1. progressing c1, 2 ,3 on chick with BF

    Number closed on a girl who had a BF (who was there!!!!!!), was giving me major IOI's

    Anyway have sent a few texts today just to keep things ticking over, and have had positive responses albiet not blatant.

    Any ideas how to proceed for meeting up, my specific concerns being:

    1. There are no major cities near me so it may be unsuitable for her to meet up with a random bloke - no matter how innocent it looks (esp since it didn't look innocent when i met her).

    2.Due the above situation the only think i can think to do is invite her over - which doesn't follow oops one thing led to a another pattern and is not too casual either.

    3. Should i phone or text. Phoning may be difficult - i.e. if she is with BF. But texting and asking if i can phone her is asking her permission - which is a DLV and not in keeping with the image i have created thus far. So should i just text.

    All suggestions are welcome as im not worried if i fuck up, cos after putting the game in practice i know it won't be a problem getting more numbers.

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    i always liked coffee shops

    non-threatening, lot of people, and a great place to get some situational conversation starters.

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    Don't ask for HER permission for you to talk to her; perhaps, text: I'm going to call you, can you handle that? or R U allowed to talk right now? or something similar. That puts her at a lower level by assuming she needs permission to talk to you. If her BF is around she'll hint at a later time or something, or shit, you already #-closed her in front of him, so maybe she'll take your call while sitting next to him.


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