Vancouver - looking for a wing my age
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    Vancouver - looking for a wing my age

    I live here in the lower mainland around some of the most beautifal women and I can't even bring myself to go out and sarge. And even when I do, my AA kicks in. Im 18 years old, and having been studying PU since I read the game in October of last year.

    I have tons of knowledge from reading The Game, Mystery's Venusian Arts Handbook, and parts of Rules to the Game, however my in field practice is limited. My practice of the game is basically limited to the parties Ive gone to in the last 7 months.

    But I really want to broaden my horizons, and get over my AA for good. I want to be able to go and practice (my day game specifically) however, I need a wing for a couple of reasons. 1) So I dont DLV myself by going out sarging by myself. 2) So I can have someone that I can finally share my knowledge with, and be able to give/ recieve feedback from. 3) Motivation to actually get out there.

    So to sum this up, if theres anybody out there in my age range (18-21) who who's looking for a wing. Post a reply or PM me please.

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    gotta be a wing somewhere in this town...this is fucken killing me


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