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  1. FR:meeting beginner pua guys in local area

    I don't often write FR unless I think I really need to clear my thoughts, or the night hit a new level worth sharing.I just felt like diarying a diffrent experiance sarging with some local pua new guys.
    Few days ago I get someone mailing me from the attraction forums. Some guy named Diablo2 (his avatar) wanted to hook up for a sarge.

    I meet up with him Wednesday night at a pub bar with one of my ussual wings AnddeeeeUK. He arrives we chat genereal background stuff. First impression of 'diablo2' is he's a nice guy - average looking, very intelligent and up to date on basic beginner pua material.

    He says 2 other new guys from the forum 'analogy' and 'Sal' arrive. They arrive in midst of another group, like a horde a large buffalo beefy blokes. These buffalo men are 'analogy' friends who are just out around with him. Analogy makes a big impression by sitting in 'diablo2' seat when he went up to introduce them to me and AnddeeeUk. Sal sits on the side and side talks the interaction keenly. First impression of 'Analogy' was a rowdy loud, nice bloke at heart. First impression of Sal was nice and smiley and a bit anxious and overwhelmed by meeting lots of random strangers.

    We chode around talking in a bar, which is realitvely empty with girls and knew we had to begin. When the introducing was done, analogy departs from his buffalo herd of beefy men and we head off on a mini mission of unknowingness.

    The night is dead, very few students are back from Easter. Though my moto is 'game anywhere, game anytime' I want to head to the location most dense with girls to increase our chances - so I'm keen on going to a club called Elements.

    AndeeeUk doesn't feel like going to elements as its a club scene and he feels like a chill out trendy bar scene, I'm flexible so I agree. We walk half way across town, to a couple of chill out bars in town but as expected, they are dead . Defeated everyone is sucked into the only place remotely alive tonight and that was to fall back to elements.

    During this mini escalade around town, my further impressions of the guys are:

    Analogy - very rowdy and lad like, very in the moment and was saying alot of rowdy remarks from the top of his head - which some people can take offense too, but i know its more banter. He says he's read some Carlos xuma - secrets of an alpha male, and David Deiodra - way of the superior man, and claims he gets alot of his alphaness from that.

    Sal - nice guy we talk about things in general.

    Diablo2 - very keen and enthusiastic to witness some gaming and humourously tells Analogy to put his 'money where his mouth is' (some action).

    AndeeeUk - always smiling, always having a laugh, very contageous. Kinda guy you can just get on and feel comfortable with and have a laugh whoever you are.

    We end up in a queue outside, Elements. Analogy leaves to catch up with his buffalo friends in another club and may see us later.

    In the club, I felt like a chode, I wasn't in state. Tyler screaming in my head, you know your not in state - but just "go" , if its awakard then "hahahha its awakard, deal with it". but just "go'.

    I take a moment to myself to sit on my own to try and change my state from friendly get to know guys state, to focus my mind on how I generally feel gaming state and feel more sexul predator and start to really take notice of lots of lovely boobies booping around the club.

    The guys come back, I feel more pysched to make something happen. I'm not use to guys following me around on the sarge, so I decide to go solo, then , see 2 girls from behind standing, boom, from behind in the middle. "hay guys, blah blah", really didn't matter because they said their english is real bad and they find it hard to understand what i say. They are from Slovakia and as always with foriegn girls where I feel languge is a blow out barrier or I've lost the set, I always humour myself by saying something jibberish. Laugh, compliment smile. Exit. Warm up I feel good.

    I stand with the guys, like a bunch of chodes, standing in a circle drink waist height, having no real group fun, waiting for something magical to happen. For average looking Joes, never happens. Been there.

    But this is where I like AndeeeUk is always fun to be with. He's always in his own little party talking to guys and has this fun jolly happy aura, keeping the guys comfortble.

    I see a black guy, tap this young hb6 barbie blonde dirty girl snogging, bum revealing party animal on the shoule. Like alot of black guys in club, they have this gangster powerful magnetic aura, in the club they do their wiggle and without saying very little, its on. I witness this 'tap' then he walks away and does this alpha finger reel in monouere with only 99% confidence belief (as n.Tim would say), which everyone has witness or tried before, to get her to go to him. But she doesn't, haa and he walks away. I try the same, but 100% belief, but nope, didn't work, she was to fullfilled with her tonsil snogging girlfriend.

    I set Diablo2 to open a couple of girls, hes keen and babe thirsty - I like it. I tell him some basic indirect non threatening openers and transitions that will work for this situation and tell him to try to last in set as long as possible. He starts walking, no turning back. Diablo2 job is a chiropractor, so he says he talks to people everyday and thats one reason why he feels he has little approach anxiety, maybe it will come when he feels a painful rejection one day? Anyway he goes in, a hb6/7s does well but he sitting on the side of the 2set which makes the girl on the sides attention drift off. AndeeeUK prepares to get ready to go in and wing him but as he does, Diablo2 leaves the set politely. I tell him to re-engage them later.

    I open a lonely girl normally "hay, you ok, you look lost". She responds like she doesn't want to talk, I don't proceed cause their wasn't a spark right off the bat and i felt lazy and had an abundance mentality mind set.

    I set 'Sal' on a similar mission as I did with Diablo2. Saw a 2set at the bar hb7s. Told him to seem like he was passing by and comment spontaneously on how nice the dress was, and his sister had the same one and see what happened from there. He stays in set longer than I thought because his body language screams needyness - lean in and not as confident as he could of been. I tell him its important to work on the body language.

    Diablo2 wants to open another 2 set, he asks for good opener and transition, i tell him to say the same thing but say it better. He goes, Boom, hes in set doing pretty well. As the high tempo dies, i come in and give him praise, ease the tension, take some work load. Diablo2 starts talking more directly to one of the girl so i grab the attention of the obstacle hblippiercing who seems very cute. Boom, she feels my nimbus, hi5, connect, tease, paddycake, feed off each other positivity. I pick her up, then pick her up and spin her around, her body temperature goes up and she got her hand on my waist without realising and the glazed stare. I then notice Diablo2 has started to lose the obstacle, shes bored, and taps hbpiercing to want to go to the toilet, entrance hbpiercing doesn't notice. I look at Diablo2 and he seems a bit nervy I can see the tension setting in as hes lost for words or actions. I tell hbpiercing I better get back to my friends when really it was to make the obstacle and diablo2 more comfy. I kiss her cheek, cheek and then sensually on the lip and say we have to catch up later if we see each other - so i didn't number close (which i should of really still). I then annouce an idea: if another wingman outside the 2 sets sees a failing of interaction with an obstacle and sees her as a threat to remove a good interaction between the other pair in set then the outside wingman should come in or replace that wingman and add more fresh spice to her interest and keep her further occupied.

    Anyway, during the interaction Andy talks to short stripper girl, she leaves. Then me and diblo2 talk to Andy. She comes back, so me and Diablo2 go get some drink so they are isolated. She leaves, Andy re-enters us, then she comes back with some guy. She starts showing me some IOIs and focuses the interaction on me, I feel it could be on, do i proceed? I ask AndeeeUk permission , he pauses and half heartly gives a 'Yea, it's ok' but he says and acts it still like dissapointed 'no, I want her' , so i leave it. Another guy with her was hitting on her too, met her that night too. She also too attention seeking and 28 with 3 kids (which I don't tell AndeeeUK till later - cause hes keen and shes hot still) and i couldnt be bothered with all these complication, i deliberatly go cold and me and diablo2 move to look for another set, Andy stays keen to attempt to re-engage.

    Two other hb7 sat in the same place as Diablo2 first set he opened. So i told him do exactly the same opening and transition. He goes and have a similar lock in. He start to kino the girl with a massage as hes a chiropractitioner and she rewards him with a dirty dance. The obstacle starts to look bored, time to wing. I'll call her HBbusDriver, she was sitting in the weirdest of position, I built sexually, kissed her neck, nibbled her ear, paused in front of her, then pulled back to keep a sexual tension. But the subject started to die away non sexually, into comfort and thought Id re-vamp the sexual in a min. Kinoed more hands down her backside where she was sitting. Then her friend comes back from the toilet and tries to pull her away for a dance, my target doesnt want too ,she wants to sit with me. i say to her why dont you dance with Diablo2 she declines, so she make it awakard, keeps grabbing her wrist to demand her to dance, but she doesnt want to. I get bored of the drama, and exit without bothering to further it - she was q targets dissapointed face was a snap shot priceless. Even when I left they didnt dance- I can imagine my target arguing with her friend later on about me. The interaction lasted 30-40 minutes.

    Then I realised hadn't really seen much of analogy and he had gone home, cause he didn't feel well.

    What was the biggest factor failing the interaction in each set. Well, the not so obvious, which I think was LOGISTICS LOGISTICS LOGISTICS of the following.

    The 1st hook set - failing of the wingman to keep his girl satisfied and me relying on him.
    Stripper set - Un-sureness to allow me to game by wingman.
    Set 3 - failing of the wingman to keep his girl satisfied and me relying on him.

    However, I thought diablo2 did a pretty good job for the first time sarging though!

    I learnt you cannot allways rely on the wingman, so ideas that to improve on this is.

    *Keep on your toes befriending your target friends when you feel you can, maybe as mini attractive takeaways. If you and your wingman knows nothing is connecting between him and his girl early. Then close verbally talk if this is the case and start dominating both girls on the spot for the time being. Gain the friend acceptance. But you're the prize, so make it out they have both gained yours! Then you can take lead in the night and they will follow you. And choose later when your precense is more acceptable by the friend.

    *If your out with more than one wingman and if the wingman obviously fails his girl, another wingman should replace him. I should of called another wingman over to give it a go, but in future signals should be readable when this is the case.

    *If a girl isn't making it obvious who she likes and confuses you and your wing, then be up front and ask her. Rids alot of confusion for her, me, my wing and needy chumps around her.

    On top of all this is of course continue to make your own game tighter.

    That was it.
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    The evening that Free_Spirit is refering to was my first night out sarging. It was great to be out with a bunch of similar minded guys. AndeeUK and Free_spirit where wicked - both gave me lots of advice to help my game and seemed to accomidate my AFC nature .

    All in all I have a better idea of what areas I need to work on next time I go sarging. I can't recommend more highly how important it is to go out with other people who practice TMM - it is great to have the support of similar minded folks right by your side!

  3. sounds like you really weren't in the mood, I know that sometimes when I'm in the tub getting ready I just cant face it, then I see a bouncing pair o titties and its game on
    even more annoying then that others were looking to you for guidance lol
    still seems you did well relying on your back-up game, shame about the "exotic dancer" lol

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    Yeh, was a strange one. Town was absolutely dead and I was still suffering from the effects of a dodgy pub lunch from a couple of days before. Upon meeting with free and andy in the litten, I had high hopes, but the enthusiasm soon left me once we had been walking around for 20 minutes looking for a venue to attack.

    Headed to bar me with my "beefy buffalo" mates, had a laugh, as a group we had some reasonable success, too much to drink and I ended up feeling rather bad. Went to elements for 10 minutes to see how the others were doing and then went home.

    The guys seem cool, sal is a nice lad, andy seemed cool and free's extra time and study in the game definately set him apart. Uni starts again next week, so things can only get better.
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  5. yeah, I'll be waiting till college is in before heading on over your way.
    no point going fishing when the tide is out


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