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    I would recommend that you avoid the girls that message YOU first and sometimes even the ones that initiate the request to add you as a friend. They tend to be more desperate, but for a reason. The girls that are more aggressive online are the ones that have mental issues and have to go out of their way for a reason.
    Before meeting, also make sure that they are very physically attractive. If you have plenty to pick from why have low standards. Ugly girls will often take pictures of themselves and use the "angles" and apply photoshop techniques to make themselves look better. Look at their friends profiles for unflattering pictures to see what they normally look like.

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    Well said, Rescue.
    I would add that in my experience, about 95% of girls who use online dating websites have some sort of insecurity problem or something 'lacking' in their life.
    If anyone starts talking about how they 'casually' joined it, as 'another way of meeting people', then interpret this as meaning they find it difficult to meet people in real life.
    Other pointers:
    - If a target has photos in which they have friends shown, use the attractiveness of the friends as a rough guide to the attractiveness of the target.
    - Definitely avoid the keywords I mentioned in my first message.
    - DHV is one of the most important tools when sarging online - especially on facebook and MySpace. If you make handburgers for In'N'Out then obviously don't include it, but if you have a cool job, highlight it in the 'your companies' section. Select your most attractive friends as your 'top' friends.
    Sarging girls from online to real life is INCREDIBLY EASY. To reiterate: most girls are dating online because they have an insecurity. This makes them incredibly easy to impress. But generally, don't neg too much unless they're clearly too-cool-for-school.

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    Damage, I'm impressed with how theroughly you've researched and broken down sarging in various online communities. I've never used Faceparty, but after your analysis I think its worth checking out.
    I like to use the loose identity framework the internet provides to spark the imagination and fantasy side of girls. Sarging on the internet gives you extra room to test-play various aspects of your personality as its bein developed through Gaming, since its almost reality but not really. By keeping your personal info short and to the point yet vague enough to be elusive which sparks curiousity. I'd also suggest not providing your AIM, MSN or Email if avoidable since that is a very very sublte way to scream suplication. (If they're important enough, you'll contact them).
    Awesome way to create DHV. I pimp the shit out of mine with social proof. As Damage had mentioned, networking sites focus on social proof (vs dating sites/intimacy) so there's no reason why yours can't be the best. Pictures showing you having a great time (regardless of what it actually IS that you're doing) as well as pictures with hot chicks is ALPHA. Its also important to include pictures of your travels. Try to make your pictures tell a story, as you are the character they are seeing, and every character needs to exist in context of their own world. You're top 8 needs to include interesting people that you actually know. (Nothing is worse then having all internet whores that never talked to you flooding your top 8, girls see right through that).
    Here's mine if ur interested:
    With this kind of completely manufactured persona, you can then take on any personality type you'd like. The page itself is nothing more then what you show as a first impression. It is nothing more then an opener. No chick is going to sit there and read what you have wrote unless they're needy. (Unless you've been gaming her and she's interested. Then she might do a little investigating only to find something pre-selected for her to see. Personally, I'd rather have her persuing me in real life.)
    I like to show the image of high octane party guy then talk about things that are the complete opposite. I study Astrology and Tai Chi which is something they wouldn't have expected, creating very mixed signals hence more attraction.
    Style said it best with "Capture the Imagination, then the heart."
    "People tend to log onto it for social recognition rather than to actually meet people, so it's less effective than MySpace." -Damage
    Sorry guy, this is the only place i disagree with you. I see huge potential in Facebook. Not only does it connect people with built in social proof, but it proves validity to the girl's identity. If i get a girls myspace, i usually get her facebook which tells me she's real, but thats only if i'm really considering meeting her. (i've had a couple fucked up experiences in the past with girls having fake profiles so i'm mostly bias in that regard. You may feel differently.)
    A couple things unique to Facebook:
    Hello!?! It doesn't get much more suggestive then that. I've played off of it really well. Here's an example from today I left on a HB 8s wall:
    I've been poking Jeni for about a week now. We've gone through our ups and downs, but the poking has been pretty good over-all. The only thing is that i'm really not the long term "poke only one girl" kind of guy. I need variety. So with that being said, I wrote her this letter:
    Dear Jeni,
    The last 7 days have been great. I've really enjoyed our time together. But the thing is, I really have to move on. Its not you, Its me. We're broken up, I'm sorry.
    I hope she can get over me without too much pain. Maybe you guys can help her get over me. I'd suggest updating your "how do I know this person" info to cheer her up. I hope it works, she's a really neat girl. Thanks for your support.
    You get the idea. Use your imagination and standard Cocky Funny humor and you're golden.
    "How do you know this person":
    This is magic if used properly. If you're opening her with it, you can say something like "We used to rob banks together." or "We met while both doing modeling shoots in Paris"....anything playful that suggests fantasy and companionship. This also gives THEM a chance to play along. One time, I ended up writing an entire story of traveling in egypt and escaping natives in the jungle hundreds of years ago with some girl i didn't even know. By the time it got to sending messeges and AIM, there was already a VERY high amount of attraction created as we vibed together in writing.
    Same guildeline of not giving out AIM name applies. Also, I don't like the idea of posting your own photo albums on facebook. The social proof is clearly demonstrated by "Friends in common" and "friends at other schools." You should avoid filling up an album of pictures with your name on every one. Its way more DHV to see a persons "see more pics of *Name*" with a number next to it showing only pics that OTHER people have labeled you in. I'm a bit iffy on groups. I see them as neutral unless they're a "Pimpski Fan Club" which is full of HBs, but thats can mean having to invite them (suplicating) or hope they join. If its your wing making a group for you, it my opinion it can beta them unless their game is already super solid and established socially.
    Would love to write more but I gotta go.
    Take care,

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  16. Hmmm...

    Stumbled across this thread from a goog search and thought about contributing my experiences with the social networking sites.

    Doesn't look like too much makes it past "worthless" though.

    Anyhoo, Facebook is cool, but it's harder to find people in my geographic area. I've made at least a dozen hookups off MySpace, simply because their friend search tool is a LOT better.

    To Pimpski's point, sure photos are helpful, but what really catches my attention is if a guy takes the time to write a couple blog posts and definitely constant contact. Plus, if I look at his friends and he's got a couple cool, funny ones, not just all 18-24 single girls.

    A suggestion you may want to consider is using a MySpace friend adder like Friend Blaster Pro. When you get up to 400 friends or so, it's a great way to automate comments.

    Just sayin'

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