Hinting at a meeting
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  1. Hinting at a meeting

    Random but funny story tonight..... so I get a random text from some girl coming to a party I'm throwing Friday. Apparently my friend invited her and told her to text me for details so we start chatting via text and she turns out to be pretty cool (calm down on the winging things because he's a good friend and we're good on these things). So I get attraction, qualify her, and start building comfort. I'd post the interaction but it's pretty long so I won't.

    One thing I tried that worked well was hinting at a meeting. We were in the middle of exchanging comfort stories at this point....

    Me: "And sooo many stories...are you hinting that we should grab lunch so we can swap tales?"
    Her: "I stalk well around lunch time". (right off the bat I set a frame that she was stalking me). "
    Me: "Hmmmmm, well I'll be at the UTC food court tomorrow around 1:03pm..maybe someone will stalk me then...."

    That day didn't work but we figured something out. I just liked the idea of suggesting that SHE was hinting that we get together.

  2. Ive got a couple of # closes ive been texting back and forth, but didnt have much comfort with so havent gone for a day 2 yet.

    I think i'll try this on a couple, see how it goes.


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