She says she's a bitch and I'm confused.

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  1. She says she's a bitch and I'm confused.

    Hi guys,

    I'm relatively new to posting on these forums, but here goes. I recently started gaming this girl that I met at a friend's party and managed to IM and number-close her. We've been chatting since then and we played a the questions game and she ended up asking things like, "What's the most romantic thing you've done with your gf?", etc... She also told me that he had a few bad relationships in the past and still has a slight resentment towards guys.

    Anyway, here's the problem.. We're setting up a Day 2 (dinner) and I playfully said that, "Oh you're a nice girl, I don't think that we can get along." and she replies with ," Oh I'm actually quite a bitch, I'm just being nice for now."

    Frankly, this scares me a bit cos:

    1) I know that she has previous relationship issues and has resentment towards guys.
    2) Sometimes, she really is just very nice (which now can be seen as a facade.)

    So now, the question is that, is it better to call it quits with her and stop gaming her altogether cos she's being really serious and is a bitch or is her statement a qualification for fear of losing my interest? You're opinions are much welcome.


  2. shes just jokin with you pal.

    carry on with your game, keep your frame and let us know how the meal goes

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    Quote Originally Posted by QwertyC2 View Post
    ...Oh I'm actually quite a bitch, I'm just being nice for now...
    I know her type. Leave a set of handcuffs in plain site when she comes over. Be subtle.
    Assuming you're not a kidney harvester, we can chat in the car. - Cedar

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    I have experienced that line, ALOT.. It doesn't realy mean anything, exept that she's playing along with your neg, wich shows she has confidence. Neg her some more.. Oh and do what Cedar said, leave handcuffs next to your bed.

  5. I think that you are being TOO COOL and having too much game. i don't compliment people lightly so take that as a huge thing.

    to make a long story short neither situation is happening, YOU are the problem, and what is going on is you are trying to DHV by setting her frame and taking the random shit she says seriously (as it should be taken... i mean if you say it then you are expected to mean it).

    in any case her problem is that she isn't the coolest girl ever, but you are cool. i think that her chances with you and how you decide on the situation for now should be dictated by opportunity. this could be overdoing it, but it would be interesting to turn this thread into an opinion opener and see if you can get a hotter girl with it. If you can then too bad for her and she gets the negative stance of this issue.

    really it doesn't matter what you do...

    also don't im girls it's kinda lame. have a nice day.

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    don't read too much into it, she's just qualifying herself to you and trying to sound brave that she can handle dealing with you, if you use the game properly she won't be a bitch, but if you screw up she'll be tempted to be a bitch and see how u react.

  7. Thanks for the respones guys, appreciate em.

    Today she just said, "I usually as nice until I get comfortable with a person, and then I'm a bitch."

    Not gonna think about it. Just went out with her and a few mutual friends just now and ignored her the entire time and when I left them halfway she asked what I was up to (I was heading out to another house party.)..I replied her accordingly and left without feeling anything.

  8. Anyway, I'm gonna use a new qualifier along the lines of, "Do you think you're a bitch or a nice girl?", derived from her, on other girls. Will keep you posted on my progress with this girl and hopefully others so watch this space.

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    I'd say about now you shouldn't be asking her questions, what i usually do that works is after a while, if she's still nice, just drop a new negs here and there mentioning that she was probably faking and she's just a real church girl inside, if you do it properly and according to the responses I've got, even if they are, they never admit it and they'll try to come back and qualify themselves. Asking women questions unless it's an opinion or situational opener is dangerous because it gives them the control of giving you a dead end answer, you should do it so that you can open them up and run it into confort stage.

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    Let me tell you something. A girl wouldn't say something negative about her self unless she's playing along...


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