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  1. Excuse me, didnt I see you being chased by the cops earlier?
    Really, I could have sworn youre the girl who stole my heart

  2. 11-12-2006, 04:23 PM

  3. Great thread
    "Ok, I'm here. What's your second wish?"

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    All those curves, and me with no brakes.
    Enjoy fellas.

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    watch story

    I heard one yesterday that made me laugh. so you wave with your watch until the girl ask about it,
    you say:'it's a special watch, it talks to me and always tells the truth!'
    obviously she'll awnser something like:'yeah sure, what does it say then?'
    you: 'wait, it is saying something again' *listening to your watch*
    she: what does it say?!'
    you: it says that you don't wear any underwear'
    she: well then it is wrong, cuz I am wearing underwear
    you: *ticking on your watch* damn it's ahead again!

  10. I wish you were my derivative, so I could lay tangent to your curves.
    You just moved to the top of my to do list.
    If I flipped a coin, what are my chances of getting head?

    If I submit anymore, I'll look like a complete AFC...

  11. 606: I'm going to love every bone in your body... especially mine!
    607: If I could re-arrange the alphabet... would you sleep with me?

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  15. do you work at subway?

    because you just gave me a footlong

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  18. I have two good ones, that work:
    1) You look familiar, are you on Myspace or something- mmm, no, maybe - well, you are on MY SPACE right now...

    2) If i told you you have a J. LO ass, would you hold it against me?

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    haha amazing pickup lines gotta use some of these ones out. I drive a motorcycle and i usually try to get that noticed when running sets. One line i love to use just to joke around with her is "Hey listen up you know im giving you a ride sometime" (wait for her to acknoledge it) "then we will go on my motorcycle after" (send a wink)

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