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  1. I've got one...
    Me:Excuse me, but do you have a bandage?
    Her: Nope/Yes, why?
    Me: Because I scraped my knees when I fell for you.

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    Hey there....wanna go to my place for pizza and sex??
    What....you don't like pizza??

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    Have you actually tested all 600 of those pickup lines in the field with success? LOL
    My favorite one is... Bond....James Bond

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    606) Hey baby sit on my face and i'll eat my way to your heart.

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    (quality, not quantity)
    BEST OF: Pick-Up Lines
    I'm sorry for staring, but you look like someone I used to know.
    Shall we talk or continue flirting from a distance?
    What drink/ food item do you recommend?
    I won a great prize for my pick-up line. Would you like to hear it? "Hi!"
    Excuse me, I think it's time we met.
    You're the one I've been saving this seat for.
    What did you say? Oh, I thought you were talking to me?
    You're very easy on the eyes.
    Do you have room in you life for a new friend?
    I just moved into the building and I was wondering if you could recommend a
    good restaurant in the neighborhood. Would you like to join me?
    You know, I'm not just an interesting person, I have a body, too.
    I would say I like you, but you'd think I was trying to pull a fast one.
    I had a dream about you last night. Would you like to make it a reality?
    You should be someone's wife.
    If he doesn't show, I'll be right over here.
    So there you are! I've been looking all over for you.
    I've been trying to meet a person like you for hours.
    Are you free tonight or will it cost me?
    Of all my relationships, I like sexual the best.
    Fine! And you?
    This is your lucky day, because I just happen to be single.
    You're the most beautiful woman I've ever met...Within the past 30 minutes.
    You know you might be asked to leave, you make the other women look bad.
    Just where do those legs end?
    Would you like someone to mix with your drink?
    Would you come back to my place and pet my dog?
    Be different, say yes.
    I'm in advertising. Would you like to be in our next photo shoot?
    Picture this, you, me, bubble bath, massage oils, candle light
    Motel spelled backward is letom.
    So, do you like bagels or muffins in the morning?
    Can I end this sentence with a proposition?
    Excuse me, weren't you Shirley Maclaine in a past life?
    My parents met at a place like this. Let's get the hell out of here.
    Hi, I'm employed.
    Mind if I stare at you up close instead of from across the room?
    Perhaps you recognize me from adult movies.
    There's an aura about you.
    Your eyes, they're as blue as window cleaner.
    Excuse me, but did you happen to find my Congressional Medal of Honor?
    Would you like to take a shower?
    Are you actually beautiful or do you remind me of myself?
    If life is a meat market, you're prime rib.
    Would you like to be in a movie?
    Don't you know me from somewhere?
    Here's your chance to get to know me.
    I'm trying to determine after years of therapy and lots of testing, whether
    or not I'm allergic to sex.
    I've been noticing you not noticing me.
    I'm lost. Which way to your house?
    Are you interested in a hot slice of conversation?
    88.There must be something wrong with my eyes I can't take them off of you.
    You smell delicious.
    I thought women like you traveled in packs.
    My drink is getting lonely, would you like to join me?
    What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in the room?
    Let's go lie down and talk about it.
    I'd like to raise your blood pressure.
    I know my mother would just love you.
    You are truly beautiful, can you cook?
    I seem to have lost my phone number, can I have yours?
    So what are the chances that we can engage in anything besides just
    I saw your picture today...in the dictionary next to the word beautiful.
    I never knew Barbie Dolls came fully grown.
    If I told you that you have a nice body, would you hold it against me?
    That dress would look great on my bedroom floor.
    We've got to keep meeting like this.
    Is it a coincidence that your blouse matches my bed spread?
    What are you doing later today- tomorrow and the next day?
    That's a nice shirt - can I talk you out of it?
    Lets do breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or nudge you
    I've had quite a bit to drink tonight & you're beginning to look pretty
    I'm new in town, can you give me directions to your apartment?
    Are you religious? Good, because I'm the answer to your prayers.
    Excuse me, I'm a little short on cash. Mind if we shared a cab home
    Hi, the voices in my head told me to come and talk to you.
    If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U & I together.
    I was sitting here holding my cigarette when I realized I'd rather be
    holding you.
    If your parents hadn't met, I'd be a very unhappy man right now.
    .Say, didn't we go to different schools together?
    Hi, my friend wants to know your name.
    Are you smiling, or do I have my contacts in wrong?
    May I have your autograph?
    Excuse me, do you believe in love at first sight or do I have to walk past
    you again?
    (Check female's shirt tag).... Just as I thought, made in heaven!
    Nice to meet you, I'm (your name) and you are...gorgeous!
    Have you seen (any movie)? Would you like to?
    Hi, the voices in my head told me to come talk to you!
    Do you sleep on your front? Do you mind if I do?
    Do you know the essential difference between sex and conversation? No,
    huh...So you want to go somewhere and talk?
    You know the more I drink, the prettier you get!
    Was it love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
    Hey baby! Wanna go get some pizza and screw? What you don't like pizza?
    Think you can dance in those shoes?
    OK, you can stand next to me as long as you don't talk about the heat
    You're 'No Parking' right? Just trying to guess your sign.
    Why don't you surprise your room-mate/parents and not go home tonight?
    I can sense that you're a terrific lover, and it intimidates me a little.
    Overheard in a computer lab: Just because our computers are incompatible
    doesn't mean we are!
    What's your favorite position on extramarital sex?
    I have only three months to live...
    Hey baby, what's your sign? All you can eat?
    Where have you been all my life?
    Hey, weren't you Miss Virginia last year?
    I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?
    Your daddy must be a drug dealer, cuz you're dope.
    Hey baby, can I tickle your belly button from the inside?
    Hey, don't I know you? Yeah, you're the girl with the beautiful smile
    Go up to a girl and tell her she has nice legs.... then ask would she mind
    if you named them. She says ok, and you say ok this one is Thanksgiving and
    that one is Christmas...would you mind if I visited between the holidays?
    Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?
    Hi. I suffer from amnesia. Do I come here often?
    As she's leaving.... Hey aren't you forgetting something? She: What? Me!
    Hi, my name is "Milk." I'll do your body good.
    Pardon me, what pickup line works best with you?
    I'll bet you 10 bucks I could get all your clothes off in 30 seconds.
    If your parents hadn't met I'd be very a very unhappy man right now!
    Do you know the difference between a hamburger and a blow job? No! Do'ya
    wanna do lunch?
    You see my friend over there? [Point to friend who sheepishly waves from
    afar] He wants to know if YOU think I'M cute.
    I hope you know CPR, cuz you take my breath away!
    Is it hot in here, or is it just you?
    Hi, we're taking a survey and I need your phone number. If you give it to
    me, I'll call you and tell you the results.
    I didn't know that angels could fly so low!
    Excuse me, but I think I dropped something!!! MY JAW!!
    Do you like music? (Yes) Good, I've got a great stereo in my car!
    Girl, you look so good, I could put you on a plate and sop you up with a
    Baby, you must be a broom, cause you just swept me off my feet.
    Do you know, your hair and my pillow are perfectly color coordinated?
    Go up to a girl at a bar or a dance and ask her "do you want a fuck (wait
    for a second gauging her reaction) and then say ...ing drink.
    I'd spend money on you I haven't even made.
    I would give you more money than a show dog could jump over.
    I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by you.
    Excuse me, miss, do you give head to strangers? No. Well, then, allow me
    to introduce myself.
    Take an ice cube to the bar, smash it, and say, "Now that I've broken the
    ice, will you sleep with me?"
    What did you say? Oh, I thought you were talking to me.
    So, what are the chances that we can engage in anything more than just
    You make my software turn to hardware!
    Would you touch me so I can tell my friends I've been touched by an angel?
    You must be a hell of a thief 'cause you stole my heart from across the
    As the sun illuminates the moon and the stars, so let us illuminate each
    If you have a fake leg (or if you don't), rub hers and if she says
    Hey, I just noticed you looking at me across the room. I'll give a minute
    to catch your breath!
    Girl, you've got more curves than a back-country road!
    I say your picture in the dictionary today, it was under KABAAM!
    I hope you don't mind me giving you this rose, but, I just had to show it
    how you beautiful you are...
    What's a nice girl doing in a place like this?
    My friend and I have a bet that you won't take off your blouse in public.
    See my friend over there? He wants to know if you think I'm cute.
    Do you sleep on your stomach? Can I?
    our mom must be a rocket scientist, cuz baby, you're da' bomb
    Do your legs hurt from running through my dreams all night?
    Let's go to my place and do all the things that I'll tell everyone we did
    Do you know the essential difference between sex and conversation?
    No? You want to go upstairs and talk?
    There's a party in my pants and you're invited.
    Wanna dance? No? I'm sorry you must have misunderstood me. I said you look
    fat in those pants.
    How do you like your eggs in the morning? How about fertilized?
    Hi. I only have 3 months to live.
    Is it hot in here or is it just you?
    Do you know what would look good on me? You.
    Your dad must be a baker...cuz baby, you got nice buns.
    Guy rings door with rose in hand) I just wanted to show this rose how
    beautiful you really are.
    Your dad must be a drug dealer...cuz baby, you're dope.
    Inflation isn't the only thing going up around here.
    What's your name, so I'll know who I'll be dreaming about tonight.
    If your not doing anything qith your lips, how would you like to talk to
    I suppose you've heard all the pick-up liness haven't you?
    Excuse me, didn't we spend a week in the Bahamas together?
    Please talk to me for just a few minutes, it's good for me to be seen with
    a beautiful woman.
    I bet I can tell you what's on my mind.
    So you are the reason that my insides are doing a dance.
    That's enough undressing me with your eyes, let's get out of here.
    I'm available for the next hour.
    Do you sleep on your stomach? No! Can I?
    If beauty were music, your be a symphony.
    Is it just me, or does everyone here have a pick-up line?
    There are two things I'd like to say to you, "good night" and "good
    If I told you that you have a great smile, you'd probably think that I
    was trying to pick you up. You have a great smile.
    Hypothetically, what lines are effective with a girl like you?
    Looking at you makes my beeper start to vibrate.
    Excuse me, do you think we might have a mutual friend that might introduce
    Is it me, or are we the only two here not trying to score?
    You've got a smile I'd like to wake up to.
    You make me so nervous that I've completely forgotten my pick-up line.
    Excuse me for starring, but I love the view.
    Is there a fire in here or are we just standing too close?
    You look like some one that I'd like to talk to.
    Can I wrap you up and bring you home?
    Would you like to watch the sunrise together?
    You look like you need a real man.
    you're so hot you give me the chills.
    Your mind is what interests me the most.
    I never pass up the opportunity to say hello to a beautiful woman.
    The last time I say you I was dreaming.
    You don't have to play the lottery to get lucky.
    If you got those eyes from your mother, I know why your dad married her.
    Are you the most beautiful person here or is that just my opinion?
    Damn, baby, if beauty were a crime you'd be doing life.
    Hi, my friend wants to know your name.
    Are you smiling at me or do I have my contacts in wrong?
    I'm on smile patrol, you have exceeded the smile speed limit.
    You look familiar, aren't you that girl from my dreams?
    Wow! Weren't you on some soap opera before?
    Can you come out and play tonight?
    Is it possible that we can see each other again?
    Do you need a ride home?
    You don't know me, but you'd like to.
    I'd love to be a bar of soap in your shower.
    You look so sweet your giving me a tooth ache

  9. Was your daddy a meat burgler? ...because those are some fine hams tucked underneath your dress. ~Ladiesman

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    ME:Can I have a picture of you?
    HER: Why?
    ME: Cause I want to show Santa what I want for christmas

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  16. some more classics

    I hope these werent in the 600. I didn't have time to read all that.
    that dress would look great on my floor.
    I can tuck my penis into my sock. (pray she has a sense of humour)
    I love every bone in your body. especially mine.
    "What's up? wanna make out" courtesy of sweet lou from grind

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  18. do you have some jewish in you? do you want some?

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    606) Sorry I didn't call you last night

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