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    another line

    You must have come from a puzzle, cuz you're one hot piece!

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    yet another

    You must be a parking ticket. Cuz you got fine written all over you!

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    Let's play carpenter. First we get hammered then I nail you....

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    Nice shoes...Wanna Fuck?

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    Fun list, here's a personal favorite of mine.
    Hi, I'm ______ and I like to fuck. How do you like me so far?

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    A swedish one.

    You must be tired...
    As you have been running around in my head tonight....

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  12. Did It Hurt?
    (Rolls eyes) Did it Hurt What?
    Did It Hurt Falling Down From The Ugly Tree And Hitting Every Branch and Stick On The Way Down

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    "I Wanna Be Ur Lover"

    This is a song from "Weird" Al Yankovic's "Poodle Hat" CD.
    Fuck it. I'll just give you some lines because I can't remember how it starts.
    I hope I'm not bein' forward but do you mind if I chew on your butt.
    You can tell me truthfully am I steamin' hunk of love now or what.
    Don't speak now you might spoil it
    Your eyes are even bluer than the water in my toilet
    There just aren't enough O's in "smooth" to describe how smooth I am.
    Maybe you've seen my picture, it's in the dictionary under Kablam
    Has anyone ever told you, you've got Yugoslavian hands?
    No of course not, that would be stupid. Just forget I even brought it up because I
    I wanna be your lover, baby, I need some body to love.
    You know I just wanna be ur lover baby, now I need somebody to love.
    How'd you get through security? 'Cuz baby you're the bomb
    I wanna take you home right now, so you can meet my mom
    I bet you're magically delicious like a bowl of Lucky Charms
    You'd look like Venus De Milo if I just cut off your arms
    My lips are registered weapons. Can I invade your personal space?
    You must've fallen from Heaven, that would explain how you messed up your face.
    My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in
    Stop drop and roll now, cuz baby you're on fire
    I bet your outfit makes a lot of noise in the dryer.
    I wanna be your Krakatoa, let me lava flow all over you
    I wanna be your love torpedo and your heat seakin' missle too
    I wanna your beef burrito. Are you pickin' up a subtle innuendo here? Uh huh
    The whole song is just the cheeziest of pickup lines. Download it off iTunes or just buy the CD. It's worth the cost. One of his best works ever.

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  16. From Kill Bill:
    my name is Buck and I am here to fuck..

  17. Pick up Lines

    I was at a bar and the band started up a best pick up line contest so I had to hit the stage. I picked the hottest girl in the front row I could find with a ring on. I asked her if she had a boy friend. "Yes" raising the ring in front of my face. Its a security thing I think. Anyways my next question was "Will you cheat on him?" You will get the most disgusted look ever and a "Agh NO."
    To which I replied, "Will you lay there while I do?" Usually a crowd pleaser.

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