Gaming at checkout

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    Gaming at checkout

    I go to this store several times a week and there's this HB8, she gives the default "Hi"

    Me: *ignores her*
    HB: looking a bit..frustrated? she says "Hi, how are you?"
    Me: *ignore*
    HB: "ok look, I'm not greeting anyone else"
    Me: *smiles* "hey, that's not fair..."
    HB: ???
    Me: "you're going to punish everyone else because one guy was being mean? That's poor customer service."
    HB: "haha, ok"
    Me: *pays and leaves"

    So I come back the next day when I walk up, she has the "oh, it's not *him* again look/smile on her face. I wanted to #close her this day, but there was a pretty nasty line and I'm on the clock so I don't have much time, either. so I figure, I'd try to set her up for next time.

    Me: *exaggerates greeting* "Hi! How are you today!? are you super?" (tries to elicit a smile)
    HB: *Hurriedly finishes transaction while smiling*
    Me: "oh, I see how it is, now *you're* ignoring me? well Good day to you (joking manner)" *leaves*

    came back two days later, while on the way in, the cashier who was on a register next to her when I ignored her was leaving. he's like:

    dude: "haha, Hey, you should ignore her again like you did the last time (he wasn't there the second time I saw her)
    me: haha, yeah, ok (whatever)

    I go in, and there's a little line but I figure #close should be in the bag this time.

    so, there's this old lady in line in front of me, who tries to buy a shitload of Dog food, cat food, Bird food, and a snickers bar for herself I can just about imagine what her house looks like. so she writes a check...(wtf?? I don't have all day!) what seems like 5 minutes later, she finally finishes writing her check for $51 and the HB tries to accept the check only to get the annoying "Beep" from the register. there's this check policy that any purchase over $50, they need manager approval. Manager types her code and HB tries to do it again only to get the beep again anyways...this takes what seems like 10 minutes and there's too much frustration to #close they get done with the old lady after consulting with what seems like the entire corporate ladder and it's finally my turn: "'s your day?"

    Hb: "Great"
    Me: "y'know...I should've just *given* her the $1 and we'd be done with this 30 minutes ago..."
    HB: *laughs*

    (In Hindsight, I probably should've #closed but whatever...) it's been a few days, but next time, I want to #close before she loses interest (or thinks that I have) Are there any tips on dealing with waiting in a line? if there's a line again should I just ask her blankly next time (hand her my phone and tell her to input the digits)?

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    The AntiChrist Star Guest

    Next time your getting check'd out by her, say "Hey give me your number so I can make sure you don't need a spare $1 for the old lady again." *with smile on face*.
    If your worried about other customers.. SCREW THEM!

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    One hint - when her and a co-worker or cashier in the next line that she's friends with give each other a look when you are on her line. It's either one of embarrassment or annoyance.

    Either on her break or tell her to meet up with you on her day off... it's going to be weird for her to give her number on the line. Or if you do the card, ask her if she's got a good memory (this is good if no one's on line), and when you're punching your number in because you forgot your "club card", say your phone number slowly and clearly. It's a subtle way of giving her your number, but because she's reading off numbers all day, it could get lost. But if you keep going back every time and saying your number to her over and over, she'll remember it. You just want to make sure she's the only one actually listening and focusing on you when you're saying it.


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