Recruiting a Wing
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  1. Recruiting a Wing

    I'm quite new to the game and I would like to know what would be the best way to introduce my best friend to the art of picking up. This way I will at least have a wing in the early stages of developing my game, and hopefully improve my success.

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    Most friends are skeptical.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sdnightfly View Post
    Most friends are skeptical.
    Yes this is my point exactly! Help me make a believer out of this guy.

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    Give him a copy of 'The Game'. Every person I've leant my copy to has become interested in pickup. They haven't become wings, but they've absorbed some of the concepts and are certainly more receptive to hearing about pickup than before.

  5. Thanks for the advice guys, I think I will try getting my hands on a copy of The Game. Im going to read it first though!


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