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    Dr. Paul's - Mind OS

    I haven't been able to find a review on Dr. Paul's - Mind OS. I have the eBook i just want to know if its worth the read or if there are other books that are WAY better than this that i should put my time into understanding, i.e, The science of self-confidence, any NLP, or other self-help books?? is Mind OS worth the read and can I really deal with any (psychological) problem in my life like Dr. Paul and DD claim?? i need a book thats TOTALLY ALL INNER GAME!!!


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    The only thing I watched with Dr. Paul was David DeAngelo's Deeper Inner Game videos.

    Lord, I never wanted to fall asleep so bad listening to Dr. Paul talk. If he writes like he talks........ good luck.

    Not really a review, just a personal opinion. I think Dr. is too much of a "philosopher"

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    He is the man,for sure
    I've read all the ebooks and watched deep inner game by DD
    it's very great for inner game ,and have teremendos effect
    if you have analatical or passive mindset
    but for active guys I recommend hypnotica's stuff
    anyway I agree with "philosopher" view,as mystery is the same I think
    you will know what is happening in your life when you realize the concept of MINDOS
    I'm looking for buying his other products as well.anybody has ideas about them?

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    Dr. Paul's - Mind OS

    yeah i've watched a few clips of him on inner game and he seems pretty smart. truestorys right he's kind of boring. i can related with the type of mind sets you mentioned, b/c i would consider myself more of a mystery type of mindset, as i am majoring in psychology and love all that theoretical/behavioral shit! (not that i have anything on mystery!!)

    hdsi80 would you mind elaborating on what this book helped you with?? any advice on what i should pay attention to, considering you read it you know what really helped you in life (i.e. most useful techniques) and i can try to pay as much attention to those parts?? cuz from what i noticed it seems like a pretty complex read with charts, graphs, and diagrams that you have to associate the readings with in order to understand.

    thks bro

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    yeah,exactly. you have to look at chart and diagrams and theirs porpuse
    it was great itself,I don't know which part exactly you did'nt get,so I would say it is great by whole
    you should pay attention to the meaning of the charts ,there will be so useful when you associate them with your current condition and find yourself on the charts.ask himself in his forum if you did'nt get it.

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    thanks hdsi80...im gonna check it out. once im done, if i can rememeber, im gonna post a review of this book. i dont think many people have read this book, but it seems like it could be major help.

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    Mind OS (dcarille80)

    here is a quote i found from somewhere on the forum
    Quote Originally Posted by dcarille80 View Post
    In my opinion Dr. Paul's Mind OS is one of the best products for inner game. Dr. Paul uses a scientific approach along with simplified methods of understanding psychology. I've studied his products and have been to one of his seminars and it has changed my life drastically.

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    another quote from someone in forum. i can't find ANYTHING negative about this...all good reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by AFChimp View Post
    This is the guy who wrote Mind OS, great stuff. He was on DD's inner game DVD's as well.

    Has anyone been at the seminar or have the CD's for review?


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