Too much tension? Comments? Advice?

Pumped BT up during a date to where she is about to explode I don’t make any move on her (figuring she’d attack me), but I tell her “I thought you were more aggressive than that”, she comes after me but I say no and just walk inside. No word back from her yet, unlike last times.

My questions are:
-What’s going on here, why isn’t she calling?
-Did I let tension build too much?
-What’s my corrective action to keep the ball rolling on this one, or is it time to punch out?

This is a great interaction with a HB9 that somehow I dropped the grenade on. The place where I went wrong is at Date 5, everything else is just background; so feel free to skip to there.

Me: Good looking (but not overly so), well dressed, natural AMOG with strong charismatic, dominant personality and presence who people just naturally like & want to follow. Have learned lots of things from David D and others but don’t use any MM routines or things like that (not trying to knock them here, just giving background). My ultimate goal is a successful LTR with great woman.

Her: 6ft model (I’m 5’9”), solid 9, well educated, makes good $$$, drives a Lexus and emotionally stable (so far). Typically a very dominate person, but not towards me. Met her on and went on 1st date two Fridays ago.

Relationship dynamics: I’ve dominated everything and have picked everything we do and without seeking approval or permission. No sex yet (more details later). She pays her way and buys me dinner since I’ll pay for other things. She always comes to my place.
During dates I’ll talk about all sorts of stuff from AFCs, to sex and what’s “really” going on in relationships, how girls cheat more than guys, etc, etc, etc.

1st Date: Fri 14 Mar
Met at local mall for her to help me shop for new jeans. After shopping she meets me at my place just down road and we went and shooting and I let her shoot my Machine Gun (Full-auto really turns them on for some reason….) Afterwards I take her to buy me dinner at restaurant. Kissed her at end of date and made plans for next day (my B-day). I could tell I didn’t have enough report for sex, so I didn’t try to force it.

2nd Date: Sat 15 Mar
Shows up at my place and we go to park to feed ducks (lots of fun) and she buys me dinner and we go astronomy place and look at stars and make great chit chat. Comes back to my place shirt-off fun (GREAT rack!) but LMR. I recover perfectly and she’s texting me as soon as she leaves and I tell her to stop stalking me. The next morning she’s texting me again and I’m resisting her again in playful fun way.

3rd Date: Mon 17 Mar
Went to local Aquarium and than she bought me nice dinner. Got back at midnight told her she should come up for “a little bit” but she had said she had to get up early for work. Made plans to go see Othello at theater on Fri 28 Mar.

4th Date/Meeting: Sun 23 Mar
I decided to put some space between us so I told her to swing by my family ranch on her way back from weekend at beach. The whole week she was texting me and sending me HOT nude pics, to which I answered “You must be really desperate” or what not, basically zero reaction to them.
She shows up at my place with her friend (energy vampire) and we chit-chat and decide to start shooting. My HB9 does something really stupid with a weapon so I call her out. Than after that I take them for a tour of the place (but not in a bragging sort of way). And take HB9 off on ATV for some fun (no sex, but I didn’t try to push it since I knew there would be LMR).

Canceled Date:
I was supposed to meet her for lunch where I was going to stroll in my Army uniform, with wings & badges and Calvary Stetson (think Apocalypse Now) to pick her up. Figured that would be the ultimate social proof and all the other females in her office would be talking about it for the rest of the week. But I got caught up on a conference call and couldn’t make it, so I just texted her letting her know I couldn’t make it.

5th Date: 28 Mar
During the week leading up to this I could feel something change since she wasn’t texting me and I texted her once but the banter wasn’t there. So on Friday I get a text of “Are we still on” to which I wrote “No, I became gay, LJBF” and didn’t hear back and figured she knew I was being sarcastic.
Well Show Time hits and no HB9, so I call her with a WTF (but not mad) and get “Ohhh…. I thought we weren’t going” and not wishing to eat $110 worth of tickets I tell her to get over here NOW!
She shows up and I go down to meet here (in uniform, figuring it’s a nice touch of drama) and I say “Is this some 2nd rate BS power game or are you that insecure?” and get a “uhh….uhhh….uhhh…..uhhhh……I thought you were serious” and I believed it since though she is rather book smart, she is also a bit of a ditz.
I decide to take this chance to let the tension build, so I don’t kiss her or touch her the whole date. She bought me wine & dinner at a really nice place and the whole time I’m being super flirty, lots of C&F, talking about sex and being very charming & chivalrous BUT not touching her at all.
The play was amazing and during the intermission I could tell she was riveted by me and you could just cut the tension with a knife. The was a “couple” (major AFC with an HB8.5) next to us, so I started talking to them (getting major IOIs from HB), to which my HB9 started trying to get my attention, lol.
On way home, I just decided to stop by and get some late dinner (she pays), so we got there and I turn the tension up a little more. Since it’s in a bad part of town, I tell her to wait in restraint until I pull car up front. She says her friend is at her house waiting for her and I say “That’s cool” but she knows that I know that she doesn’t mind pissing off that friend by making her wait.
Once we get back to my place I just walk her to her car and say “Text me tomorrow” and just turn around (expecting to get attacked), but instead HB just stands there for a sec and gets into her Lexus and gets ready to drive off, so I call out “I thought you were more aggressive than that” and walked off.
HB9 comes tearing ass over to me in her car and says “Come here!” and I say “no” and just keep walking. So I hear “Fine!” and she takes off.
I expect to get a text that night (like usual) but it’s Sunday and still no word.

Thanks in advance for your help!