what do i do when a girl tells me im not her type
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  1. what do i do when a girl tells me im not her type

    i get that alot ill be talking to a girl and well be getting along really good and then when i ask for her number shell say im not her type or sometimes they say that as soon as i go up to them. is there anything i can do in these situations

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    Be like funny I was thinking the same thing about you

  3. Well short-term the answer to that has to be "next!"

    As for why it keeps happening to you, it can only mean you're not creating attraction. It's hard to say which trap you're falling into from just your post but are you being needy, wussy or "nice"? Are you pushing yourself onto therm? Is your body language unintentionally saying "loser"? Are you telegraphing sexual interest?

    Keep reading the materials and keep working on your game, little by little, bit by bit.

  4. "You're not my type"
    PUA: "Yeah you're right you're totally type C (personality type, make up she is a dork)"
    or "Yeah we'd always fight, and I'd always win"

    Stuff like that

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    You have not enough social value.. you got to show her that you have social value.. or else she will say something like that.

  6. "Don't flatter yourself sweetheart."

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    You're not my type either. But I think you'd make a fun friend. Are you fun?


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