Theme park date?
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    Theme park date?

    What is the opinion on this for a first or second date?

    A girl recently gave me her number and i told her we will hang out soon, i was thinking of taking her to a local theme park (its about an hours drive but not too far.) I love theme parks, and i think it would be good fun and loads of opportunity for kino.

    But does it look a little try hard? I think i would have to get her to pay as it costs quite a lot. Does a date like this communicate that you are placing too much importance on the girl?

  2. No way. Go miniature golfing instead or something else to limit your date time. 2 hours of driving, 6 hours of waiting in lines to get on rides? Blah.
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  3. waiting in line = boring = not good date

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    i'd do it. i have an amusement park 10 minutes from me at the beach. just make sure the girl is comfortable enough with you to actually go.

    driving and line-waiting is the perfect opportunity to build comfort and run whatever sort of routines you want. just make sure the amusement park is something YOU want to do, ya know? if you are truly enthusiastic about it, then go for it....but if you are only going to impress her...then maybe try something else. stay within your element.

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    What are the amusement parks in England? I know there's some sort of bordwalk arcade in Portsmouth, and Blackpool has a pretty decent sized one?

    What does it cost?

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    Looks too try hard to me.

    2nd dates should be an opportunity to be able further your meet up and solidify the person you portrayed you were.

    An hours drive is a long time to spend with someone you have met only once, and what happens after 30 minutes, she turns out to be a real pain in the arse? You can not eject, you can not make your excuses and leave...

    Sounds a bit of a nightmare to me.

    If you want to go to a theme park, go with your mates. You will enjoy it a lot more, and you will be enjoying it with other people you enjoy being around.

    If you are still going out with this girl in 2-3 months time, then go.

    TBH, if i were the girl i would be thinking why were you taking me, have you not got any other friends to go with or what?

    Take her mini golfing, or bowling, or for a coffee, but no a whole dare worth.


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