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    Okay, everyone says I need a haircut, so I was looking for suggestions. I don't want something that takes too long to style or has a big upkeep (dying, straightening, etc.).

    Any tips? Here is what I have now:


    Or the Damon from Blur cut:
    It's pretty close to your style already.

    Or grow it out and do the Nick Drake look:

    I'd stay away from the spiked cactus style - it's overdone and you'll end up looking like all the others.
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  4. Dude, if it makes you feel comfortable and you can get congruent with the look, then by all means. You're erring too much on the conservative side, IMHO. I mean, you want to be a playa, not a proselytizer.

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    yea it looks alot too conservative, imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASSR View Post
    yea it looks alot too conservative, imo
    What would you suggest then?

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    Hm...not bad...any pictures from different angles? What is it from?

  9. Jude Law in the Movie "Alfie"


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