BossOnes Journal: On the Path to being a PUA
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    BossOnes Journal: On the Path to being a PUA

    I will add to this thread periodically,

    Basically this will consist of various discussions and thigns I've picked up along the way:

    You just pick the hottest girl you are attracted to and start cocky funny neg dhv. dont let her looks hold you back.

    1) dont ask for the number or dont call her up until you have bust her , with cocky funny, enough until she is completely 'ripe' ready shes accepted your social status is higher then the game is on.

    2) a mistake I made a lot , which is realize is now fixed is that I would turn off the guard when trying to build comfort. This I disagree with mystery on is that turning off the heat. I believe that you need to continue to play the 'hard to get' frame and still continue to DHV AS you build comfort.

    Thats all I have for now....

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    Other guys just walk away, I have a friend so just sticks to them like glue and doesnít give up.. I donít do it and I am not playing the game as well as well I should

    I just couldnít finish anything. Its like when I have this fcck

    First of all I jacked off tonight so I completely did something very stupid. Because I lost all this drive that I saved gone to dust

    Basically ever time I shave off, I always get a bad reaction I canít win no matter what when I shave off plus my hair is too long so its been really hard last night. I came back again just with 1 number, but the girl I got it from had a bf with her

    I realize something that I probably need to stick with it , close the bitch, or keep talking to them if the opportunity presents itself , however, I never do that I just get fucked.

    Basically I got really depressed two things 1) this scar thing is fucking me over., again the blonde girl on the elevator. 2) still havenít gotten a girlfriend. I donít care if I donít win, but I need to do right.

    basically I donít stick around and fight it out with the girl I want, yesterday this hot girl in red, girl I buy her a shot and weíre talking but I failed to stick in there, and keep talking and keep the interaction going, I think it might be that I have to stop eating meat before I go out, because it just kills my ability to continue to converse. I wanted her, but
    but we exchange drinks, and I m really liking it, and she starts talking, but I quickly ask her for number. I wasnít alpha at all, I donít puruse, I run away like a AFC twat , instead of being an alpha and getting the job done. A job of an alpha is to stick it in there and get the job done. I think I totally fucked it up for all those concerned, because

    an alpha is one who gets the job done as well. So if you are the one who is sticking in there and getting her attracted then you are an alpha, if you are just one of those who runs away, you are a afc twats little beta male.
    what more, I forget all my teachings that mystery I was totally desperate and fucked all the shyt he taught, I showed it all bad, I couldnít be alpha mindset just wasnít there, and I doing things that were completely anti-mystery teaching and showing low social status, I had the confident body language and I was syncing with her.
    First off, I bought her drinks , that was a major beta thing, and then I just seemed really desperate when I asked her for her number, so she took my number instead of me , but she was really horny because she gave me the biggest hug and I couldnít think of a way to continue the conversation and I probably doing some things that were approval seeking like my BL was too facing her and I was probably smiling too much as a approval seeking, I needed to lean back against the bar and have her face me and talk to me, I should have been an alpha and made this happen. You seen, thatís an other trait of an alpha, he will force the conversation, to go on, and further more not only that, he will force it in an way that it makes her as if shes qualifying herself to him. I failed to do that because I maybe donít have the self esteem to believe that I m a worthy target for her to , I donít think that I can complete the deal and thatís why I give up so easily, I donít have the completely belief that I m the prize, but there are some things that I really did well but I donít know have belief .. like I think I m too stupid, or I am too stupid to really be that quick and just think whats on mind, and just be in the moment and stop thinking about all the logistics, just be in the state and let the conversation flow and the interaction flow, but keep your mind knowing that you are an alpha , so that you know who is the boss at the end of the day. So basically, stick it in there, until I am successful. There is no turning

    Previously, what would happen is I canít continue the conversation because I had this scar but now it is completely hidden,
    So to recap:

    An alpha does these things , he is an alpha because he succeeds

    1) doesnít run away, like a AFC with his dyck between his legs, thatís a beta male thing does, not what an alpha is

    2) not afraid to make the conversation and force the interaction in such a way that hes qualifying. Got to smart.

    3) Has a belief in myself that he is worth talking to. Doesnít have self esteem issues. At the same time. He is the king, and worth belief in himself, if you believe in the shyt, she will too.

    Things I did do well.
    I was really like fuck it and be direct and direct body language. I walk right up to a girl and I say to her ď hey , I want to talk to you, I want to get to you know betterĒ and she says shes married. Thatís complete confidence. Aw inspiring.

    Another girl on the dance floor, and I ask her where shes from etc., shes from florida, and we talk about if shes likes Stamford, but I couldnít continue because again I run out of material. Theres another possible smart enough , or have enough intelligence, thatís canít keep the conversation and everything and alpha state together enough, hopefully its just a matter of practice. Anyway I need to know what I can do , what I need to find out,

    I realize that I have this limiting belief, basically I get really scared and donít want to lose how far I got , when I m following the m3, and instead of plowing forward, I get really cautious and completely Öan alpha is not afraid to plow ahead because he knows how to react in every situation. So basically, in stead of holding back and being need to ďTEST the situationĒ right away and get to a determination of whether its going to work or not. Instead of being so tepid and cautious. Of course, your allowed to think just but youíve got to continue and find out if the girl is a viability , youíve become so afraid to fail or lose that your not taking the risk so your not gaining anythingn

    Okay talked too much Ö

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    the most perfect pick up of my life so many things were fucken on it

    i tell her i m just waiting for a friend, every guy i social proof, the major proof comes from roberta just getting out of class, i dont make ec with her bc i m an alpha , i keep her talking, and then i pop for the number, i ask again and i get it. bf calls me back and acts like the afraid afc he is. i m going to call this over the weekend. BL was sitting down like an alpha and facing away


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