"Holy shit I need advice" or "How to f-close a LJBF"
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  1. "Holy shit I need advice" or "How to f-close a LJBF"

    Okay so this is complicated. Keep an open mind. First about me since this is my first post. I found out about this pickup stuff through my research into self improvement and hypnosis. It led to NLP and now this. So I don't consider myself a pickup artist nor am I concerned with talking to every girl I see right now.

    So with that out of the way here is my situation. Back in my AFC days (I do love the acronyms) I professed my love for my best friends younger sister (both of whom I lived with at the time.) I was head over heels, oneitised if you will. She was beautiful, confident, crazy everything I would look for. Oh I forgot to mention I am 3 years older and was a virgin at the time, she is a tad promiscuous. My dickhead friend found out about my "crush" before she did and began actively pursuing her and much to my dismay ended up dating her. She LJBF'd me and moved out. Somehow, thankfully, my friend (her brother) was cool with all this. So anyways there is phase 1... awkward shit.

    A few months later I met my first girlfriend and fell in love with her. I became horribly needy, codependent and every other stupid syndrome guys suffer from with the first girl they like who will sleep with them on a regular basis. We broke up and my world fell apart. I was a train wreck for 6 months. I got my head together with NLP and got past it, I have since been changing my thinking patterns with great success and although I still have a long way to go I don't even recognize any of the people I used to be.

    So back to friends sister, we got past my emotional stupidity and because she is so cool actually managed to stay really good friends. Right around the time I started to learn about this pickup stuff she starts coming around more often, texting me out of the blue and coming over and drinking all the time. I realize that she knows I have changed and I start treating her like the little sister, not replying to stupid texts, telling her she can't come over for no reason making fun of her and what not. She has a boyfriend at this point but it is clearly a failing relationship. After a few nights of partying together (BTW when I drink this stuff is so easy) she pulls me in my room and starts making out with me.

    I was blown away. I really don't have the oneitis anymore but my ego grew a thousand times with that kiss. Anyways we were eventually broken up by her other friend but she told me that she always liked me, but didn't want to take my virginity and hurt me because she doesn't believe in monogamy. She said she wanted to take whatever this was slow. I said that was cool.

    So I don't talk to her for a couple of days, she is off and on with her boyfriend, but the whole time I find she is trying to make me jealous. I don't bite and a week later she calls me out of the blue at 7am and says she has to talk. She comes over to my house basically jumps right on me and asks if I want to have sex (she is kind of drunk). Again I am blown away, I do want to but I know better, at 9 am I will either cum in a minute or not at all but either way I don't think it will result in it happening again so I let it go. We hang out all day and up sleeping together (literally sleeping) and she goes home.

    Now when we hang out I can't get that turned back on again, she is still texting me all the time and acting awkward and sexual around me I just can't figure out how to take advantage of that tension. I am very laid back and naturally want to make things easy for people and we always end up talking about music or movies. I can't get into that realm. And I am afraid that she might think that I am just not interested and decided not to make any more moves to preserve the friendship.

    So my question is what do I do next time she and I are alone watching tv or talking on the couch. What do I do to get her sitting beside me? What do I do to build in the direction of more kissing? or more? I know we both want this and I know we could do this together and still be really close.

    So thank you for taking the time to read that any input would be appreciated (or criticisms) I am a sponge.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYkxF14YdAw

    She wants you to take charge. Kiss her. Make it dramatic. Grab her the moment she walks in the door.

  3. Thanks alot man, I needed that. Put a smile on my face to because there is no argument I can have. Your right. I'll let you know how it works out.

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    Duuuude im kinda going the same thing you're going through...this video should help.



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