Intense Attraction or Intense Playage
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    Intense Attraction or Intense Playage

    So me and my buddy just got this new place and have been throwing house parties almost every weekend. We invite all sorts of people, and never have less than 17 people drunk and having fun by 11. A few weeks ago I called up some girl (9+) I've wanted to hook up with forever and invited her. I'd given up at this point, and this was the first party I just saw her as a friend, so of course what happens? We start dancing, she leads me away, talk about our past shit (we kinda have a history), and I, brilliant enough to see the flood of IOI's, K close her on the dance floor/basement. I talked to her for a bit the next day, and she said "oh sorry, i was drunk." to which i responded i don't REALLY care. not exactly of course, but the idea was there.

    Few weeks later, I called her up to a party, it was already like 10:30, and I left her a message. She calls back in 5 min, and I told her she was coming. She agreed.

    I didn't even notice she came in, 'cause i was way too busy negging, and succeeding with, some other girl. so at one point i'm just taking a quick break from the party, sittin down on some stairs, and the first girl sits right next to me, practically on my lap. We talk for a bit, and eventually one of us leaves. Afterwards, we met sporadically throughout the party, talked a loooooooot privately, and I even scolded her at her once because of political views. She accepted defeat.

    So it's way into the morning (4ish) and most people are gone, but she's still around with one of her friends. she disappears and i find out she's in me and my roommate's room. I go in to find her sleepin in my roomie's bed. i tell her to wake up and that she can't sleep there. she asks where she can sleep. I tell her to go to my bed... and then i leave the room.

    I come back later and lay down next to her, and keep her up. we end up literally wrapped up together, and she starts talking about how i want to fuck her. IOI? probably, but she's got this thing, like all hot women i suppose, where she wants to know that someone wants her. she's done it to other dudes, so i told her i wasn't falling for that game. But she kept bringing it up, and talking about how I would tell everyone i fucked her regardless. I played it cool and told her she's foolish, blah blah. we stayed there talking and laughing. but like she was also talking about some other guy. I got sick of it and she was like you can just leave you know? I got up to leave and she held me down. but in the end nothing happened. ugh

    I was still confident that there was something there, but then my roommate told me that someone mentioned that we were gone, but the girl's friend said she knew nothing was happening.

    I can't tell if she was just validating herself, or if she's really interested. when i look at pictures, she's ALWAYS around me, and i know i wasn't following her. it's not even a question of oneitis, but i'm having yet another bash soon, so should i even bother?

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    Basically heres how I see it. I think that she has a little thing for you. But if she doesent, your job is to make her have a little somthing for you, because like you said you want to fuck her, so make it happen
    She is testing you when she asks you if you want to fuck her. I would ignore it or just reverse the question to make her feel guilty for having sex on her mind.

    And also keep away from talking about polotics. Polotics, Religion and somthing else are things to keep away about talking with girls because radical differences in opinion here can ruine a set easily.


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