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  1. Project DARWIN Haha

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to expand my PUA network. Any aspiring or ready made PUAs in my area contact me here. We can pick each others brains and own this city!

    Note: No druggies, scrubs or people in the state of homelessness.

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    Hey dude,

    I would probably fall under the category of "aspiring PUA" and would love to meet a few people into the game. I live in Darwin near the airport. We should catch up.

  3. Oh for sure. Bro here's my email - Contact me before the weekend!

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  5. Hey Fellas,

    How'd the Darwin sarging go? I realise your posts were 18 months ago but just wanted to see how you went? Toughest conditions in the world up here but Im sure the girls appreciated some non-AJ chat.

  6. Gents,

    Are you guys still alive up here? if so let me know!!


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    Community still a bit dormant up here it seems......

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  10. Darwin PUA

    Hi looking for PUA's in Darwin, just moved here and looking to get out and smash it up, I'm pretty experinced but Iam also a bit older (mid 30"s) not looking to hang at Hp or underground, prefer people my own age, so if your interested give me a yell.


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