Would like some Feedback on my profile
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  1. Would like some Feedback on my profile

    Just wanted some feedback on a profile I am using. Any criticism is great, good or bad.



    Fit and healthy dude who loves to surf and play sports, hang out and watch movies with a coldie~ :-)

    No baggage here, except for the cuddly bits you can hold onto. Yes I am athletic, but we aren't all perfect

    Who am I?
    - I'm an extremely creative person, who loves the intelligence that someone can offer him.
    - I talk a lot, when I know you.
    - I am comfortable with who I am
    - I like to think that I am funny, and have the urge to laugh as much as possible.
    - All of my friends are in the film industry, so enjoying watching various movies is a must.
    - I read, when I can!! anything really, sci fi- to biography's
    - I'm the kind of guy who goes with the flow.
    - I am here to see what something else has to offer.

    I won't send you a picture of my penis just as i wouldn't expect you to send me a picture of your privates....because truthfully i dont' find that an appealing way to introduce myself.

    I do have pictures in my private gallery that I am happy to send you if yr profile matches what i would like.

    What do I do?. I am a co producer for a feature film production company, I also act and do stunts, so in short i get to do crazy shit and enjoy it!

    I have a 2 yr old dog.

    I have travelled some of the world, and will be doing a lot more of it over the year to come to assist in promoting a movie.

    interested in meeting up for coffee, beer or a cocktail.

    I hope that the picture of me and my close friend jaws is enough to at least make you chuckle.

    Not taking this too seriously, so if something comes out of it cool. Games are not my thing,

    YES I have tattoos ... where and what? you'll have to ask me to get that answer!

    If there is anything more about me you want to know, we'll have to get together and discuss it.

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    is english your 2nd language? i was a bit thrown off by the grammar

    otherwise, too factual. you need to find a way to make it less of a list and more of a conversational tone

  3. Not my second language.

    Um. no I am Australian born and bred. Grammar as far as I am aware is fine. Might be that you don't understand Australian Slang.

    As for the rest thanks, i'll look at changing it.


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    i like how you listed some great qualities about yourself, but i would add some cocky/funny humor to your profile...

    try to check out cajuns online profile thread, as he shows one of his profiles as an example of this cocky/funny method.

    Finally Please take out the penis line as well... it may be humorous at first, but i dont think too many women will want to read that...


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