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    Toxic friends

    I have two friends I have known for years. They have always acted immaturely and do things that make me cringe (particularly out in the field). Women are turned off by them - one female friend described them as "desperados".

    I am also bored by their company. The last time I saw one of these guys he was talking about the same stuff he's talked about for years. I sat there getting increasingly bored.

    I short, I have decided that I know longer want to be friends with these people. I am just wondering how to handle the process. I know that these guys are going to continue emailing and calling me. Do I stop all contact? Or should I answer their calls/emails but be completely uncommital about meeting up.

    Ideally, I'd like loosen contact with them without causing a scene. If that is possible at all...

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    I would just blow them off with I'm really busy. Busy is the universal blow off excuse so you are abiding by social norms but still blowing them off.
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