Hobbies to pursue that women find attractive?
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    Hobbies to pursue that women find attractive?

    I've realised that success with women is absolutely undoubtedly based 90% on innergame. I've tried too many times to get outer game waxed but it just doesn't work without a confident frame. So I've turned to find new hobbies that will give me some sort of attractive identity, because at the moment besides my character I have no attractive interests.

    What hobbies could I pursue that women find attractive? Now you could say here "do what you enjoy" but that certainly wouldn't be attractive to women so I'm trying to find a balance of what I could enjoy and what's attractive. Can I get some suggestions?

    So far I've come up with keeping in shape/gyming, learning acoustic guitar, production of trance/house.
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    Please take this as intended, but the question itself is about inner game.

    Following what you love to do, no matter what is, is the most important thing you can do.

    You want to build a life that YOU love. Your natural enthusiasm and joy for things you really love will be conveyed with much more confidence and pride than something you do because it's at the top of a checklist.

    And here's the best part:

    There is no checklist.

    Women like confidence, goal-directedness and a centered guy who has interests.

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    Here is one that works for me: COOKING.

    You must do the things you do FOR YOU, and if it is also attractive to women, it's an extra nice bonus.

    A lot of 'hobbies' require significant investment(of time and resources) on your part. So, the motivation to pursue those hobbies is internal rather than external.

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    Cooking has worked wonders for me, as well. Tell a girl you're taking her to the best restaurant in town and then you both cook together...money.

    Also, any outdoors activities, i.e. canoeing, mountain biking, rock climbing, etc., are great. Plus you always come back from those trips with great stories. Huge DHV.
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    as previously stated...i wouldn't recommend picking up a hobby JUST for the chicks...pick it up because it's something you LOVE to do.

    with that said...i find girls falling for me when i mention 2 of 3 of my main hobbies...[i usually only talk about the first two]:
    -Spoken Word Poetry
    -Bboying [Breakdancing]
    -Skin Diving [open water diving without the use of breathing aparatii]

    mainly because this implies that i have a passion where i am high in the social ranks.[for being a performer and a battler] and it shows i am deep/intellectual as well as physically conditioned. the other perk about these hobbies is that i always have some sort of event i am performing/participating in...so day 2's come naturally.

    also with my particular hobbies...they take up the MAJORITY of my time...many times cutting into my academics. [i never have time to go 'sarging'] so don't expect any same night lays with poetry...much less meeting bgirls in a 85-90% male dominated art depending on your local scene. with swimming, it's a liiitle easier.[search for scooby's beach pick up] ...buuuut sometimes i find myself going way out of my way to dive spots, where the only people there are middle-aged people who have the same passion for marine life.

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    All I really have to say is: Whatever you may have as a hobby, be passionate about it.. Take me for example I am a DJ/radio personality and I am passionate about music... Women find that if you are passionate about something they can see that you can love something and that is a turn on.....


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