Blazer Fit Question - Can this be fixed?
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    Blazer Fit Question - Can this be fixed?

    Today I tried on a linen blazer. Only $80, but it was supurb - it was cut slim and fitted really well, good quality fabric. (I wouldn't bother with the topic if it wasn't predominantly excellent.)

    However, the curve of padding around the edge of the shoulders didn't fit properly - it caused lumps in the blazer on each shoulder.

    I tried sizing up and down, but the same effect was there.

    Is there any explanation for this, other than a design flaw?

    Could the problem be corrected?

    Or should I just go find another blazer?

  2. You could always take it to a tailor.

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    my understanding is that a tailor can fix about anything on a blazer but the shoulder fit, thats part of why its so crucial to get a blazer with perfectly fitted shoulders.

    I dont have any experience to speak from though, I could be mistaken

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    Sounds likely.

    Screw it, I'll just keep looking.


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