Vol. 23 Cold Reads (Savoy and The Don)
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    Vol. 23 Cold Reads (Savoy and The Don)

    Cold reads are observations you can make about a woman that don't necessarily require that you know anything about her. They can be incredibly useful and fun, both allowing you to learn about a woman and giving her information about you. Don't get stuck asking "interview questions" when you can escalate emotionally and physically with a good cold read.

    In this groundbreaking volume Love Systems veterans Savoy and The Don define cold reads and explain when and how to use them, from light and playful examples in Attraction to deeper emotional reads in Comfort. Cold reads are great tools for transitioning and building connections, and are easy to do once you recognize the many common aspects of the personalities of beautiful women! Learn tried and true cold read routine structures that you can use tonight, and find out why they work so well.

    Here are some of the great things you'll learn in this volume:

    •The one line you can use in a cold read guaranteed to make a woman's eyes light up!
    •What your cold reads say about you and the woman.
    •Tips on creating your own cold read routines.
    •How to avoid the most common pitfalls associated with cold reads.
    •What to do when your cold reads work too well and you're asked to perform for a group.

    Quotes From The Interview

    "Use cold reads as a tool, not a strategy. They should help you progress physically, emotionally, and possibly logistically."

    "In your cold reads, frame her the way you want her to be. She'll adopt the behaviors you cold read into her."
    The Don

    "Use cold reads to increase physical communication; if there's an opportunity you should always take it."

    "In a cold read it doesn't matter whether or not you're right; either way it'll stimulate conversation."
    The Don

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    Vol. 23 Cold Reads (Savoy and The Don)

    CD Vol. 23 Cold Reads

    I am not going into too many details about the content of this interview, as I believe the above link mentions most topics, but I will highlight what I like about it and what I think could be improved on.

    The main thing I took away from it is that cold reads are like your trusting Swiss Army Knife - it's a multiple purpose tool and comes very handy when used at the right time. Cold reads, in its various forms, are taught at bootcamps but here you have almost an hour spent on that single tool.

    Like in the recent interviews, the use of cold reads is emphasized in terms of its usefulness in different stages of the emotional progression model.. and hold and behold, variants of it can be used in transitioning, attraction, qualification and comfort! Now, you don't have many 'tools' that are so versatile.

    If you are expecting an avalanche of new cold reads during the interview, expect to be a little bit disappointed. No, Savoy and The Don do not spend the entire time just reciting cold reads after cold reads for you to memorize and recite on unsuspecting women. No, they actually spend considerable time explaining when/why you should use cold reads, what type/length of cold reads to use, the different intended purpose of each type of cold read and most importantly the pitfalls of using cold reads. Yes, there would be newbies who will use specific cold reads and come back to the attraction forums and write "Oh, cold read X or Y did not work. What did I do wrong?". I like this recent spin on recent interviews, which are more educational(why they work) than informational(delivery of lines). Same thing for my Swiss Army knife, I guess.

    A minor criticism would be that several longer cold read routines are quickly delivered. I had to stop and rewind the interview a few times to catch the sequence of words, as I am taking notes. I suggest you guys take notes. It helps to get the ideas sink in. Savoy goes over many of his personal cold read routines so fast that you need a second listening to get all the important bits. This shows that the interview could have gone way longer.

    Nonetheless, several references are made to the Love Systems Routines Manual, where many cold read lines and routines are described in greater detail. There is also a mention of a book that Savoy recommends you DO NOT get. If you listened to the interview, you'd know what I'm talking about.

    Another minor con is that there are a few repetitions here and there. It does not disrupt the flow of the interview, but it does take precious seconds away.

    Personally, I preferred the second part of the interview best. Savoy and The Don talk about the use of cold reads in 'framing' and 'telling her about yourself'. The examples given are very eye-opening. Savoy shares his Rollercoaster game routine [which I am dying to use the next I go out] and to save the best for last, they tell you HOW to make your OWN 3-4 structure for a cold read routine. You can invent your OWN cold read so that it's original, congruent and rooted in your goals and identity.
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    After putting the CD into the audio player, I immediately realized that this CD one of the best CDs produced for the interview series. Two very senior PUAs expand on Cold Reads, what they are and how to use them. Especially the Don who typically used to play a role as the interviewer gives great information.

    If you are looking for a "cold read routine stack", this is not what you find in this product. Instead, they both explain the general structure and you can very easily build your own cold reads that are more congruent with the situation, what you are and can be an easy bridge to qualification. As a newbie, you probably will not yet fully understand what they are saying.

    The audio quality is also great.

    A minor remark is that Jeremy is not yet that senior in playing the role as the interviewer. You hear that his first answers are read from a sheet of paper. Later on, his questions get more correlated to what The Don and Savoy are saying (not read from paper anymore). The Don was great at interviewing because he knew what's important and what answers he would get.

    Cold reads are one of the most powerful tools in attaction. Instead of "What do you do, where you're from?" interview style mode that requires her compliance to answer, you can pull off the same by doing cold reads "You look like....". First, it's interesting for her to hear something about herself and second, it doesn't require her compliance. Or, it raises her compliance level when you deliver a neg as a cold read (generates attraction).

    Rating: 9/10

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    I'm glad you liked the CD- thanks for the feedback. Cold Reads was my 1st interview CD, so I probably did sound a little robotic at the beginning.

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    Since i have always found cold reads as a great way for transitioning and engage my sets...i naturally wanted to know more about cold reads and learn some more.., to be honest i expected more cold read "routines", but altough there were some great examples ready to use, i also got a got a deeper understanding of the cold reads wich was more useful to develop my own cold reads (which works even better).

    For some reason all this psychological stuff works great!!


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