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    BossOne on appearance

    Okay, okay.. Before you get defensive. ..This is ultimately a positive thread.


    Listen, unless you've got a 8.5+ looks, your going to be spending A LOT of time sarging, maybe few hours a day , for a few weeks, before you get any regular hook ups. Deal with flakes etc.

    If your not good looking, your just going to spend a lot of time, and of course if you have good GAME, which is very hard to do to begin with, then you are going to have an easier time no matter. But in terms of a lot of short term relationships, being good looking is a big benefit. ( you can do without it)

    So what does that mean ? Well it means that ultimately it positive, get yourself up the standard of looks so you have an easier time.

    For me, I lost over 20 lbs since I started becoming PUA, , I m hoping to lose 20 more lbs.

    My dress sense has gone up a notch, now I m buying more dress suits and taller shoes.

    I m wearing a hair style that really suits me. There are other things ( cosmetic reasons as well , that once I improve to my best natural or unnatural looks as possible, I just know that this whole
    PUA thing will be easier. But when my looks come up to speed so to speak, I know that I will now have the game to back it since I m practicing now.

    So at that time, I will have a lethal combination of looks and game…

    Heres a distinting ( different viewpoint ) Jason alexander says that attraction as long as you talk to her and shes comfortable, plus as long as you’ve been confident and very manly with her, then you can assume that shes attracted not concerning your looks.

    For me, when I look good, when I know I have that killer 6 pack and I have a body to die for , I just ‘feel’ it. And they feel my feeling it ..For me, its importantly internally, but has external implications…

  2. I dont think you need a killer body, although it certainly helps. I've hooked up with cute girls before and I was skinny as shit. No muscle on me, probably like 150 lbs at 6'0''

    But I agree...looks help a large amount haha.. Especially with desi chicks!

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    It's more about having a "look" than good looks. She has to know that you are comfortable and that your style is congruent to the personality you portray. I mean look at mystery, he's skinny as hell. And TD is not even close to great looking. If you are getting alot of flakes it usually has more to do with poor game rather than looks.

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    Your title has nothing to do with your actual opinions on appearance (you explicitly say you can get by without looks), so I edited it. Please avoid making bombastic thread titles to attract views. It's the same thing as bumping threads.
    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums mod or admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

  5. A game is much better. I have those 6 pack abs, and biceps that could crush brick walls. Still it didn't help because I was the biggest AFC ever.

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    That's part of the point he was making, though, Jugoslavia... You can have game and still get the girl without the looks. But if you have the looks (AND game) then it will make things a little easier. An AFC with good looks is still an AFC... but a PUA with good looks is like racing a corvette against another suped up corvette. It doesn't hurt to look good so why not work on it if you can?

  7. Looks ARE important, but having a LOOK is MUCH more important. At any given bar/club there are 20-30 very good looking guys... oftenly well dressed too. How is a girl going to distinguish you from the others?

    Being great looking helps, but having a somewhat unique (and good) look, and sporting 1 small peacocking item will go much further than just walking around with a good looking body and abercrombie & fitch.

  8. Yeah I know that but my point is, that a rock solid game is better then awesome looks. Sure I believe ANYBODY (almost) can be standard good looking. That is all that is needed I think, standard. And a rock solid game.

  9. I think having a large social circle/known as a guy who has fun/is popular can(does) overcome looks or not having too much game on one's own.

    I've noticed this consistently.

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    Totally agree. In the past year and a half I've gained 15 lbs of lean muscle, made sure to stay better groomed (haircuts, etc) and learned to dress much better. These three things alone have made enough of a difference that I can actually get by on looks alone quite often now. It's kinda nice...


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