Got a beauty pagent girl number today
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    Got a beauty pagent girl number today

    Met a girl today that is my state's Ms. *State's name here*. Qualification has definitely been a sticking point (I am great at attraction) but have gotten flakey numbers in the past. With the routines manual, I could basically see and understand what I missing. Which I agree with, this part of dating science is so overlooked.

    Anyways, we go to the same school together and I met her at a job. Flirted, had similar interests, and I qualified. I was planning to bring her to lunch afterwords but she had to go to class. However, after I asked she asked for my number and also gave me hers.

    I will call her tonight. I usually find success calling a girl the same day I meet her.

    Edit: I forgot to mention this is also a test of whether I still need to qualify more or not. If I made it over this point, she won't flake.

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    This situation is say she is prego >_>. There is a lot of things that could have potential to mess your game up. But let us know how the phone call went


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