She stopped apparent
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    She stopped apparent

    Have been going out with a girl, everything going according to plan, lots of texting going on between meets great compliance and flirting, no shit tests or anything. Have been on 2 dates.

    Then BAM, no reply. One wasnt a particularly important message which was yesterday, but then i text her this evening asking her to come out with me, to let me know if she couldnt come so i could invite someone else...and she didnt even fucking reply...what the hell...

    I just have NO IDEA why or whats caused this total change. Im not going to contact her for at least the rest of this week, see if she contacts me at all. I have a feeling its game over, and dont have the first clue as to what went wrong...

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    Theres a bazillion different possibilites why she didnt text back. It's almost impossible to help you.

    Post through the last 3 or 4 interactions and I'll see what I can do for you.


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    ok, well we were flirting loads over text this time last week...

    We arranged to meet up towards the end of last week, she agreed, then i stopped replying assuming all was set...

    text her on the day, and she thought we werent meeting so had made plans with her family, she was sorry and would talk to me soon. yep kinda my fault for just not replying

    I text back later that night saying it was cool, we should meet on saturday, how was her family thing going.

    No reply.

    This was the first time she ever has not replied to an actual question.

    Saw her at work at the weekend. She works completley different part of the building...had like a 1 minute conversation (she was serving customers.) Seemed cool, a little flirty, a little banter

    Text her when she finished work, a witty little text about her giving people the wrong change, and what trouble was she causin tonight?

    She text back, seemed good. I text back, then she text back. I left it here, and replied the next day (yesterday) saying what was she talkin about last night? (her last message didnt make sense as she was gettin drunk)

    no reply, no big deal

    then tonight text her saying come out with me, no reply...

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    How hot is this girl? Does she get hit on alot? I'm not saying anything but shes obviously being flaky for a reason.
    Do you think it could be another guy? If not, how do you know its not?

    See whats up, not by going to her, but her friends who u trust or something...

    Do you thin you give her enough space?

    Is your material good?

    It could be a possible number of different things, if I was you

    make it plain to her that her attitude is not acceptable and you wont tolerate it. Think over how you are going to do this. Assert some power over her

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    She is hot, a 9 on my scale. Gets hit on a lot, BUT she is quite shy and she was clearly into me big time. Theres no way shes been with many guys, she just likes the attention.

    It could be another guy. I dont know her friends tbh. I am VERY good friends with a girl who is in the same class as this girl. This friend is very loyal to me so maybe i could get her to ask whats up? although that sounds kind of AFC

    I think i give her quite a lot of space. I feel i may have asked her out too many times in a row, but at the same time, she has shown so much interest i was just trying to find a time when we could meet up. If this is the case and i was a bit too pushy, is it recoverable? We have great chemistry together, really enjoyed our dates and im certain she did as well.

    So would you suggest leaving it a while, then just calling her up and being straight up with it like "whats goin on with you? Are we gonna keep seeing eachother"

  6. you should stop texting an call sometimes, are you afraid of talking to her on the phone?

    If so write out a script for yourself, thats what i used to do and still do she cant hear you and it beats awquard silence...

    I used to write out the whole thing i was gonna say to her, then read t out to her, lol, some things would alter and id add more. but it was no biggie as i had my trusty script plus she cant see it, lol unless you say, wait ive lost my line, and then repeat what u allready said, lol. then just after she says her bit, if you can naturally continue from it, cut to the next bit on the script with an, oh my god, bla bla bla, or you know what , blablabla

    but it should be easy since uve seen her 2ce allready, have u made out with her, maybe thats why shes not replying, you havent made a move and it might be too late...

    Do not confront her!!!!! dont ask her whats going on with you, bad boy!!!

    give her a call in a couple days chat to her about some fun shit, then say something like, hey theres this cool italian/moroccan/wotever place ive been meaning to check out, great food, nice atmosphere, you should join me thursday/ wednesday monday/ whatever night, at round 6/7/8/wotever your choice, it will be fun.

    if she says oh im too buisy, say thats cool, ill tell you all about it next time... as if ur going anyway with or without her.

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    Hi...thanks thats some good advice. Im not afraid to call, i just think half the time girls are afraid to answer so i text, allowing them to get back in their own time. I was going to call her this time, but thought fuck it i`ll text and all will be fine.

    Yeah we have kissed, did it on first date and 2nd. Havent been able to take her home yet to escalate any further, although she did agree to come round my house we just never pinned down a time. i wont confront her. I will definitley leave it several days before contacting again. I am worried that her attraction for me has dissapeared but i cant think why it would have. I guess i will soon find out.

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    if you think you should leave it for a couple of days do so

    Then like i said already make it plain to her that her attitude is not acceptable and you wont tolerate it.

    Also one important thing before you do this, let her think or know you are pre-selected by some rili HB

    that will do it without a doubt

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    Right...i will definitley leave it a while as her ignoring me is a big IOD, infact she could even be testing me to see how much chasing i will do.

    She did say to me that she had a lot of stuff going on at home at the moment, whether that has anything to do with this i dont know. Im thinking maybe when she said that i should have just not asked her out for a while, although kept the playful messages going.

    It really does seem weird as shes like the nicest, friendliest girl ever


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