FR: BAD BAD BAD night but I opened every girl in Barns and Nobles

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    FR: BAD BAD BAD night but I opened every girl in Barns and Nobles

    It sucks when you approach a girl and mezmerize her and make her think you are the coolest guy ever. And they you lose her on the next phase of the pick up. It hurts. Especially when she is an ELITE model and the kind of girl you like. You think to yourself. Damm i number closed that girl! And you feel good about yourself. But then when you lose her and have to go back to square one it just sucks.

    There is a FR out here that I posted on here about me number close an ELITE model going direct and she texted me afterwards. I fucked up with the texting and never heard from her again.

    Today I saw her at Barns and Nobles. And the place was FULL of PUA's. No one touched her. And didn't wanna go back and re-open.

    I had the belief that i fucked it up already. THAT WAS MY MISTAKE!!

    I fought myself and I made myself go up. She was in a 3 set reading mags. And I went and said "hi"... "do I know you from somewhere?" her face lit up and said hi.

    But then I just kept being an asshole and ran some stupid attraction shit on her. And acted like I still didn't know her.

    I ask my self why and this was what I came up with.

    1- she was in a 3 set. I had to win her friends.
    2- she had lost attraction for me
    I just made up reasons...

    But thinking back she was still attracted and I over gamed. And she walked away the whole thing just turned into a mess. And I was also shaking when I opened. It was scary man to re-open that girl. I trained my self to open. But re-opening that felt creepy. I just had really bad frame. And I really messed up. And it hurt when she walked away.

    It just proves that the game is never over. You always have to be THAT cool guy.

    btw I just went back and found the thread:

    But yeah. It sucked. So I was pissed and just didn't care anymore. And I went on a rampage and opened every girl in Barns and Nobles. Girls with guys and all... and I was gaming in front of these other PUA's who were just watching me and making my game harder to hoovering into my sets. But it's all good. I got blow out after blow. But I just moved on to the next girl right in front of the blowout girl and this was in barns and nobles!!

    One set I opened a girl. And the old guy next to her reading a book... saw me and when I sat down next to her...

    HE SHOUTED.... "HEY!!!...GET OUTTA HERE!!!".... I looked at him... and looked at the girl and said: Anyway so... everybody called her the weird horse girl!!! and the guy is like... "HEY ASSHOLE!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME???? I DONT WANNA HEAR TALKING SO TAKE YOUR SHIT OUTTA HERE!!!!! me: "Anyway so where did you grow up -Wait don't tell me let me guess mmmmmm.... wait... wait...mmm im getting a vision"

    And then the guy kept going and the girl was getting weirded out. I dunno what was his deal... So I looked at him and said to the girl... "Are you guys together???...OMG... ( put my hands up) I didn't know he was your boyfriend!!! GIRL: (get's grossed out) and says... EWWWW he is not my BOYFRIEND (while standing up)...

    and im like hey... it's okay... I didn't know... GIRL: HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!!!

    So both of us get up and say to each other..."CREEPY!!"

    So we get down the escalator on to the 3rd floor... and I'm thinking THANK YOU GOD!!! WOW... now I can finaly game this girl!!!!

    But as I start to get back into it with her. I notice... something is off... something doesn't feel right! And I look around and WOW- There is a whole bunch of community guys staring at me listening to my set.

    I just lost my train of thought... Damm... and I got blown out...

    So it was like this... 4th FLOOR... EVIL CREEPY OLD GUY....3RD FLOOR... COMMUNITY GUYS WITH AA.

    So I just acted like those guys didn't exist and opened the next set right in front of them...

    Horse Girl... and then her boyfriend shows up...

    All these sets happened sooo fast... I stopped caring. I just opened, opened, opened...and got blown out blown out blown out... I didn't even care about getting anywhere with the girl. All I wanted to do is open.

    I found the model chick again. I re-re-opened her. She said go away. OK cool... NEXT SET... BAM... and blown out... It wasn't about getting the girl anymore. It was about not giving a shit. Fuck you if you think I am weird... I am going to talk to whoever the fuck I want. So I did. And got blown out. I wasn't even if the right state to game. I was fustrated and angry that I lost the model chick and I took it out on the game...

    I though to myself. OK WHAT IS THE THING THAT SCARES ME MOST??? And it was seated sets in wholefoods with everyone around watching...

    So I went into wholefoods second floor and BAM, get into a seated set... then the girl is about to leave... so I game the new one coming to sit down...

    Then I realize I don't even like the girls... and I am not in the mood to run game...all I wanna do is open. So I leave and go to Virgin...

    And open in there. I get into a 2 set. I opened they were attracted. But I wasn't that into them so I leave.

    I couldn't find any hot girls exept the model. That was one of the reason I didn't want to stay in set long...

    Then after I gaming that whole place... I feel doing some street sets. The harder the better.

    So I stop a girl on a cell phone... And open her. And she opens.

    My adrenaline was just jumping pumping. And I still felt like shit from losing the model.

    So it felt good just not caring and opening non stop.

    And I felt like I was working. THIS IS SARGING MAN!!!! THIS IS HOW YOU GET GOOD.

    IT FELT LIKE going to gym and getting a real good workout by pushing your limits.

    Then after that I see all these PUA guys again in groups of three just looking around for sets.

    I guess everyone one has their own goals and limits. to some people just being out gaming might feel like an amazing achievement.

    So I respect that.

    And there is no hard feelings that some of these community guys where listening in and making my sets weird. Some PUA's hate it. And I don't really like it either.

    But after tonight I learned that it is just another obstacle you have to deal with. And it is sure not going to stop me from opening in barns and nobles.

    I now have the whole "WATEVER" attitude towards it.

    TODAY I PUSHED MY LIMITS. And what motivated me was getting blow out by that model.

    And now everytime I go out... I am going to try and keep the standards high. I will do seated sets, sets in front of community guys, walking girls on the phone... NO EXCUSES. I mean who cares it's just a stupid game! And I actually like playing it. But and if I lose I can play again. People with AA should stop taking themselves too seriously!!

    MY advice after expericing what I did in this FR is:

    Stop taking yourself so seriously!! Stop caring too much... Stop trying soo hard... Stop thinking what other people think about you... Just walk with a purpose and get shit done.

    I got blown out in front of tons of guys watching (non-community and community), and even some of them even laughed at me and so what?

    When guys laugh at me for getting blown out I am just thinking to myself. Watever dude ur cool man...good for you. And keep working on my game. Cause it's not about anyone else but you.

    When you see a set in a crowded place and get AA, it is not about the people that surround the set. It's about you. If you don't approach that girl you miss out a chance to learn. And I don't wanna miss out.

    after breaking my game down and thinking out loud in this FR. I feel great!

    I learned sooo much! I wouldn't want it to happen again lol...cause It really sucked. But if it's not that a big of a deal.
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    Yo Yo Yo..... Shit hit the fan when I split, huh?? Although, I have to admit that avacodo sandwich was the bomb... I wish I was still there to have helped you out a little.

    Sounds like you had a tough nite man!!

    So Miss Elite was back in action?? Dude.... Looking back on the situation what would you have done differently? How would you have re-opened? What would've have been a good opener? What did you learn from that particular set? I always try to figure out what I COULD HAVE done differently in a set that doesn't go so well. It's imperative to learn from our mistakes....

    Her reaction to seeing you was positive right off the bat... Sometimes it's good to take a sec and gather your cool, get in state real-super quick and have a good opener ready! It's Barnes and Noble man... Where the hell is she gonna go?? In a place like that you usually have a little time to plan it for a sec. Maybe something like.... OMG.. Are you stalking me lady?? Was the restraining order all for nothing? What, lemme guess, you want me to take you back? Gimme on good reason!! Why??? ...... You know Hyper... Roll play it a little and her friends would've loved to see it unfold, you would've had an audience and then just go about your normal game when it comes to working over a set....

    Anyway man.... I hate all the the guys there who want to listen to your every word. But look at it like this if you go to where community guys hang?!?!?!?!?! Your gonna have people who wanna listen in. And believe me it will weird you out sometimes and when a girl notices 5 or guys staring at the both of you it can ruin even the best set. I have had girls say to me.... " Do you know those guys?" and "Why do all these guys keep coming by and just hang around us"... CREEEEEEEEEEEEEPY DUDE!!!! BBUT...Props for opening in front of everyone and SUPER PROPS for staying in with the weirdo at the tables... Smooth ass shit man.

    You see, even though you were shakin' a little from earlier events you still ran some good game on the seated set. Don't forget your accomplishments. NONE of the guys listening to your sets that day would've sat down with her, let alone stay in there like a true king!!!

    But all in all your a tuff dude. Most people would've gone home and cried.... I have alot more to say about staying out and opening everything you see, but I'll save that for the next time I see you!! I hate typing, remember???

  3. Mad props for opening every girl in front of everybody.

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    thats awesome man... respect.. your very eager to learn thats awesome keep it up

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    Big Ups Hyper. I LOVE Barneys and Noble!!! While I was in NYC, the RSD guys and me hit this place up everyday for HOURS!! 4 floors of glory. BTW, do you post on the Dave's (LovePirate) NYC lair thingy? I thought I saw ur handle there.

    Yeah dude, Dp you know how many days of shit like that I had to go through before I started getting consistent f-closes?? Maybe 70+ days of that type of nonsense and worse. Day in and day out I put myself in super high social pressure situations. Rite of passage Hyper. It is what is. Just keep going as the pressure tempers your esteem and builds character. The light is at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark you think it is, I promise.

    Man, I'll be back in NYC in a few weeks to see my mates and girl. Hit me up: 646 246 4507

    Oh, make sure to hit up Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station because those high traffic/fast moving places are money to meet women.
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    Wooah!! Im starting to really like posting here!!

    The Eternal Cowboy and Glitche thanks guys!! It was a great Social Anxiety workout if anything else!

    GlennP., dude... you pretty much have the sickest day game in the world. One thing is to get a girls number...(everyone's doing it on youtube these days...) the other is to amp up the sexual presence to 200%, walk up to a model hot girl and mesmerize the shit out of her and leave her smiling to herself for 10mins in the frozen foods at wholefoods. Ill never forget that set dude! you probably won't know which im talking about... anyway...thanks for the help and props... and DAMM DUDE it’s about time you started posting.

    To answer your question Summa... Yeah man I started out on the NYC lair. I posted A LOT over there. My progress is pretty much all recorded over there in my FR's. From AA to a SNL. Ill shoot you a text and we'll def meet up.


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