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    I've been on a bunch of the forums lately, and I've noticed a trend. A bunch of guys who are very new to the avenue of tactical seduction, have been posting questions asking about advanced techniques from " The October Man Sequence" to some very high level inner game stuff.

    Seeing this makes me depressed for them.

    They are caught in the ball of hype that says that you can attract and date the most attractive women even if you are smelly, ugly, socially awkward, introverted and shy. All you need is this magic tool or trick or routine. And that's simply not the way the world works. You can't be a lame guy and just learn a bunch of tips and tricks. furthermore you can't be socially incompetent and then apply a thin veneer of game on top of that. You need to fix these issues before you even start thinking about learning some advanced shit.

    When I think about the fundamentals, I think about the following.

    Grooming, fashion, and maximizing your natural looks. This one is easy. You don't need a ton of money( check out second hand stores like Buffalo exchange) but you do need to have clothes that are in style NOW. Not 5 years ago when you were last single. Not clothes you are holding onto from college, etc.. You also need to take care of yourself. I recommend hitting the gym at least 4 times a week. It will boost your self esteem and make you have more energy etc.. Get a nice haircut, you can always have your barber copy it for cheaper if you take pics. Bathe and get a good deodorant/cologne combo so you smell nice. Simple stuff not enough guys do before bootcamp. Hell even experiment with one of those over the counter teeth whitening kits.

    Eye contact- If you can't make eye contact you can't play. If you need to, go to a strip club and sit in pervert's alley( the front row of the stage where you have to tip) and focus strictly on holding EC with the naked hottie.

    Vocal projection- This is HUGE. NO student is EVER loud enough.EVER. Do a quick search online for vocal projection exercises. Practice this. Hell start singing kareoke if need be.

    Tonality- Practice speaking until you have a wide range of tonality that can convey emotion. Don't be like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

    Basic conversational skills- Can you have a normal conversation with someone where they walk away thinking you are normal? Or do you need to cling to routines, cocky/funny, patterns etc.. You need to be able to have a pleasant conversation with anyone anywhere simply by observing social norms and not doing things that are creepy, needy or boring.

    Leading the interaction- I don't even mean frame control at this point I mean being able to make decisions quickly. Not hemming and hawing around on what to eat, order, or sit.

    Body language- Spend some time in a mirror to eliminate any ticks or weird stuff you may do unconsciously.

    Fixing that stuff alone should help most guys who have their shit together 500%. Then you can add some gamey elements, like learning to tease, touch, tell stories etc...

    But the point is all of us came here for a reason. You have to destroy and rebuild, not simply slap a layer of external technique on a lifetime of bad habits.


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    Great Post man, I find it like a game. How can you move forward through the levels/game if you don't even know where to start the game. Foundation/core is everything

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    This should be required reading for anyone who wants to do pick up. This is such great great advice.

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