What area of Providence to live?
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    What area of Providence to live?

    I'm thinking of moving to Providence/Warwick and I'm looking at apartments. I was wondering if anyone who lives there can give me input on which specific area is best for an aspiring PUA?

    I would like to live in an area with a few decent clubs within walking distance. I'm not really into the hip-hop places as much as rock-ish places. Also, I want to live in a relatively non ghetto area.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and maybe I can meet some of the local PUAs when I get there

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    I will forever associate Providence with the Foxy Lady advertising "legs and eggs" in the front on Friday mornings. Sounds like it still goes on. It's put many Brown U students through college.

    Just about everything nightflife-related is in Federal Hill.

    Things have changed; the city used to be kind of rough around the edges.

    Nice thing about RI is short drives to Newport and Boston (and when it's warmer out you've got the tourist towns) if you get bored with Providence, and if you want to push it, 2 1/2 hrs to NYC.

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    It kind of depends on what kind of scene you are in to. For more of the college scene (and there is a lot of great talent) anywhere off of Thayer or Hope is good. I hear Weyland Square is also nice. I think probably the best bar for PU Kartabar. The talent there Thursday-Sunday is pretty decent.


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