3sets of 5 girls, 6hot single girls walking, could'nt aproach

Damn it guys this AA so sucks ass i can't believe it, i mean there are days where i don't have it and i can succeed, and then there a days like today i can't, it's only 12pm midday (wednesday) and i was walking through my town, walked past starbucks which is getting popular here in Australia (sydney) now, saw 3 sets of 5 girls on different tables sitting and talking from what i saw they were all pretty hot a few 5's n 6's but mostly 8's n above.

I was walking by and smiling at all of them which is what i always do with chicks, a lot of them were looking and making eye contanct, but i could'nt bring my self to say hi and sit down with them even though there were empty seats on there table, all i could do is smile and nod my head that was it.

Then after that i saw 6 hot girls make contact with me as i was walking either past them or in the distance and again, all i could do was make a nod and smile, could'nt even say Hi, how bloody crap is that? i mean i want to get good at this, but every time i go out to try i can't seem to make myself do it, i get all worked up for nothing and come home all dissapointed. I want to get out there and do the newbie mission, but i'm thinking i need to work on inner game. The best thing though now my mate who i met off here is now single again, and so we are going out to pick up chicks hopefuly and learn the game, hopefully having a wingman by myside will help.
damn this AA it sucks, i mean when talking to girls i can do fine and even seduce some of them but when it comes to aproaching i'm a clown lol. I've had a dry spill lately the last time i had sex was new year b4 that was lik 8months and so on and so on.