How do you get chicks back to yours to fuck?
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  1. How do you get chicks back to yours to fuck?

    This is my first post so forgive me if I dont use all the correct terminology, Im still new to what they all mean!
    My biggest problem, and what I hope you guys can help me out with here, is how at the end of the night (saying your on a night out to a club or something) do you get the chick your with back to your place? And with no messing around here, with the intention to screw?
    Although quite new to this, Ive pretty good at openings, talking to the girl and getting them interested. Pretty could at not acting desperate but acting hard to get and being confident (because I do the opposite to what I used to do!) and Im sure not afraid of negging a bird. Although me and my mate Napolean reckon we shouldnt neg anything below an 8 because women being insecure creatures will probably develop a complex!
    I need to know how to get them back to mine. Even if I've already kiss closed it, it is does not work that often inviting them back. I try to appeal to their 'anti-slut' side by saying 'you can call a taxi form mine' cos she has the story to tell her friends she 'only went back to call a cab' but she knows whats she coming back for. Also 'do you want to take the piss out of late night tv with me?' is another one I use, but nothing really works.
    So in brief, how do you get em back, and is there something I need to do before hand? Such as offer to leave before the very end?
    Cheers for your help,

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    Offer to make them something to eat back at your place.
    Honestly..I tried this once just for shits and giggles, my game was so on one night...I asked her if she wanted to come back to my place to see my German Shepherd do back flips...
    It was so rediculous..I did`nt even care...
    She said sure...
    Anyting will do when the time is right...
    Chicks dig pets?
    If not..go get one..even if its a fish.

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    Actually asking her back to your place for food is a great way to get her there. I told a doll, Ashley, that I couldn't go dancing because I was practicing making yellow curry chicken, tofu satay and latkes (truth.) She was really interested in what the hell I was talking about and I told her about the origins of each and some of the ingredients, long story short she came over to the shop, I cooked for her and we ended up doing everything short of vaginal intercourse... she didn't want to lose her virginity, and that's cool with me.
    ANYWAYS! Some great tips, be at least 1/3 started, or rather finished, cooking by the time she shows up, keep the messy stuff for doing together and make it fun, and have the table set. You don't want to spend 2 hours cooking, then two hours or so eating and then she has to go, have the long stuff cooking and the fast stuff ready to start and the messy stuff ready to begin, this isn't a cooking class you should be talking to her and introducing intimate kino.
    Additionally, note that a girl that you haven't already begun kino with or gotten to comfort with isn't going to have any inclination to have sex with you, at least not yet, so don't bother trying until you AND her are ready.
    Good Luck out there gent, love yourself hard, love her harder.
    My Name Is Vincent Chase.

  4. coffee

    ask her bak to your place for a cup of coffee it is known all around the world that the person is asking you back for a fuck, think about it why coffee it gives you energy for the fuck!


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