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    Orlando/Lake Mary/Downtown

    What's going on guys? Completely new to all this, i've been reading, gathering all the books i can, MM, The Game, Make Her Chase You(Herbal/Tynana), Magic Bullets, been going out feeling things out w/ all this new knowledge. Still obviously unsure a little bit. Was wondering if there's anyone that could kind of show me the ropes. I'm 26yrs old, lot of life experience, just not totally sure how to ball all this up and put it into play. I'm actually in the Lake Mary area, don't mind driving. Thanks!

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    hey man, it me up on PM and we can meet up if you want.

  3. Hey guys if your in orlando, I would definetly meet up to game with you. Just let me know.

  4. yo im in orlando too, hit me up.


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    Hey guys, I'm gonna be in Orlando in December. I'm pretty much gonna be on my own down there. So I need a wing to meet up with. I'm hoping to run into a good hand full of PUAs. I'm still somewhat new, but I'm a really fast learner. Right now I'm still in the process of calibrating my game. I'm planning to take downtown Orlando with a force. LoL.

    TJ aka CooLLuv

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    It would be great if we could get an orlando night club sarge going... If no one else gets this started I'll get this going after this thanksgiving.

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    Down Wit It

    Hey! I'm definately down with sarging with the PUAs of Orlando! Bring it on! Unfortunately I won't be down till Dec. 27th. But I am getting the practice here in south TX right now. I should be ready full throttle by the time I'm down in Orlando. So, for those who are up for sarging between Dec. 27th-Jan. 10 in Orlando do contact me at jedoonat@yahoo.com. We'll get something going.

    TJ aka CooLLuv

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    Hey guys, just moved down into the Deltona area... I have never lived here before so I was wondering if there was anyone who wanted to go sarging or at least willing to give me a few tips of places to check out.

    Im still a beginner at this, but I've gotten alot better, thanks to Mysteries book, and random threads from this forum... heres a little bit of my story to give you guys a better idea of who I am.

    I was in the military stationed in Germany for a few years. A few months ago a buddy showed me Mysteries book. I practiced as much as I could in the small military community, showed alot of improvement, but everyone knows everyone there, so it kinda ran dry... I had some success with some non-english speaking European girls, but the language barrier really kinda screws me at times.... During my time there I traveled to about other 15 countries in Europe and practiced.

    If anyone is interested in sarging, message me on here, or email me at travel_bum@live.com.

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    I will be in Orlando over Christmas break, and I'd love to do some work with you guys! PM me if you wanna sarge.

  10. hello I'm emperor_xexar I'm kind of new in this. I have just 3 moths of readings but I haven't really practice everything in the field, so I'm looking fo somebody that can help me. I live in Orlando and I'm available almost every night.


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