Getting into the Porn Industry?

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  1. Getting into the Porn Industry?

    Heya guys just wondering if any of you know how to or have gotten into the Porn industry? i'm thinking of lookng at getting into it, so i get more sex and more confident and get better at being in bed, any suggestions on where to start? i live in Sydney Australia, so any one from downunder who could give advise would be great.

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    First off, it is not as glamorous as it sounds.

    YOu have people looking at you all day long, with you totally naked, and you have to hav sex with people you do not like. It is not like regular sex either. There is lots of stopping and starting, un-natural positions, and you do not have the connection with the other person.

    There is an added risk of STD's (potentially- this is thinking back to the HIV 'epidemic' in Hollywood about a year back or so).

    You really do not have the choice of who to have sex with either...

    On top of this, the money is a bit shit as well. If you are a woman, with a gimmick you get paid a lot more than the bloke.

    Personally if i want to get more sex, i would want it to mean something more than just sticking my cock in someone... I would prefer to work on my game rather than going into porn... although saying that....

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    Im not in the industry. Try sending messages to Johnny Soporno. But from what I've seen and heard, the most important aspect of doing porn is having complete control over your body.

    Can you get hard ON DEMAND in a room full of guys?

    Can you have sex for as long as you want without climaxing?

    Can you climax ON DEMAND?

    These are what porn studios are looking for in their actors. They don't want to waste time waiting for a guy who takes too long to get hard and cums too soon. Having a giant dick and rock solid body is also an asset.

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    I see porn as a form of filmmaking, and not a place to learn how to get good at sex. I think you can ask any porn star about it, some might enjoy it, but it's work and a paycheck. It would make more sense to go into filming, editing, and producing porn movies.

    A lot of guys who get out of college work on a porn shoot to get some extra money. I don't know how many of them would admit to have worked on a porn, but I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them have an Oscar. Their names are protected, but every now and then one will talk about having done it when they started out, or people who have done voiceovers for cartoons have also done voiceovers for porn.

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    I actualy wanted to start in this industry this summer that just passed.

    And I did. I met some pretty high-end people who live in Toronto and Ontario in general. Met up with them. I wanted to be a director, not an actor. Money is HUGE.

    Thing you have to realize is that BEFORE.. you start in FEMALE/MALE PORN

    YOU WILL START IN MALE/MALE porn. UNLESS... You start your own company.

    Have fun Amigo (y)

  6. had a dream

    I've always had a dream of being in the porn industry thought it would be a lot of fun, and always thought that the 2 best jobs in the world are, being a porn star, and a bouncer would be the 2nd best job,

    As bouncers, get paid to beat up the dick heads who get into fights and they always have chicks coming up to them for pretection etc,

    Now after reviewing your answers, i'm now interested in filming a porno,

    here are some ideas i have, just go up and ask chicks if there interested in haveing nude pics on calanders and/or interested in pornos,(or just hand them my buisness cards) also asking them off the net and tell them it will cost them $50 to get into, you can have the movies as home movie but if there willing to seriously then they will have to pay more, although i'd tell them i won't be in it but i'll be filiming the sex and everything, and they can have limits to what they want to do etc, although not sure if this is the best way to go about it, any tips would be great. They can also have there partners in the film if t hey want, etc etc so any ideas on how i should start out ?

    I'm aslo t hinking of having a disclaimer so i can't get suid and get them to sign it.

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    have you ever filmed anything?
    what makes you think someone will want YOUR material, when there are literally millions of FREE videos on the internet?

    if you ask me, its a business where everything is stacked against, unless you got networking up the ass

    good luck

  8. That's a good point, the only thing i've ever filmed was my bro's b-day party and him playing in his band, people congratulated me on it but never did ne thing more then just that, think i might try getting back into it and see how i go.

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    Where are you located? If its somewhere in the 'porn areas' then I might give you a few e-mails of people who are init to give you the basics, and maybe help you out

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    Its illegal 2 make a porn vid in Australia...

    Why do you think there are no Aussie porno's???


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