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    Oh.. Just saw that..

    haha! Is it really?

    Well that sucks

  2. No its not. Porn is legal in Canberra... the capital of Australia.

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    Here is what I have read to get started:

    - You need a big cock (7 inch) plus girth to be considered
    - You need to be in shape (Ron Jeremy has filled the niche for fatto porn)
    - Unless you are situated in the Valley, you will have a tough time
    - Unless you start in gay porn, you will still have a tough time
    - Odds go up a million percent if you apply with a hot girl who says she will only work with you

    And once you are in....

    - Expect to start off in something gross (you won't get the Tia Tanaka + Bree Olsen threesome scene straight off the bat)
    - Scenes take a few hours to shoot. Expect stopping and starting, and expect to engage in major self control
    - Expect uncomfortable positions
    - Expect to have a bunch of people staring at you naked
    - Expect to have your face and balls on the internet FOREVER (your parents and/or children will find out)
    - Expect to get paid FUCK ALL. Girls get paid at least $1000usd per scene (more for anal and other stuff), guys get paid around $250. Top guys in the biz closer to $600. That makes $250k p.a. for girls and a lot less for guys.

    Best way to get in, is have some connections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolls View Post
    First off, it is not as glamorous as it sounds.

    YOu have people looking at you all day long, with you totally naked, and you have to hav sex with people you do not like. It is not like regular sex either. There is lots of stopping and starting, un-natural positions, and you do not have the connection with the other person.

    There is an added risk of STD's (potentially- this is thinking back to the HIV 'epidemic' in Hollywood about a year back or so).

    You really do not have the choice of who to have sex with either...

    On top of this, the money is a bit shit as well. If you are a woman, with a gimmick you get paid a lot more than the bloke.

    Personally if i want to get more sex, i would want it to mean something more than just sticking my cock in someone... I would prefer to work on my game rather than going into porn... although saying that....
    i got into it for a couple months and it compleatly changed my view on sex, i lost my desire for it and lost respect for women. it got to the point where if i had a shoot the next day and i fucked a girl the night before i was holding my load back and i was pretending to cum when they did so i could blow a big one in the shoot. i wouldnt recomend getting in to it unless your hard on money in that case like i was your bank account will explode, that was the big bennifet i was able to buy all thoes things ive been staring and dreaming about. but if its that you just never get laid and you have the oppertunity to do porn try it out, just remember when its on the internet its never comeing off, think in ten years when you have kids jacking off on the internet do you want them accidently finding you or just imagine who you wouldnt want to see this and how you would feel if they did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAG!C View Post
    I actualy wanted to start in this industry this summer that just passed.

    And I did. I met some pretty high-end people who live in Toronto and Ontario in general. Met up with them. I wanted to be a director, not an actor. Money is HUGE.

    Thing you have to realize is that BEFORE.. you start in FEMALE/MALE PORN

    YOU WILL START IN MALE/MALE porn. UNLESS... You start your own company.

    Who did you hook up with, Magic?

    Also, does this mean you began directing gay porn this last summer? Or did you start your own company?

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    For the low-down on porn law in Australia, check out

    Yup, that's right, good old is campaigning for more porn! (Funny, that )

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    @John: Don't want to lie... I don't remember all of them. I know 100% it was the owner of, he lives in Downtown [PH floor] amazing view. Will never forget that. Then he had his friend over who was also an owner of some site that [actually] made self-porn.

    Then... We went to this club.. I forgot what club it was. But I know it was a gay club because they were shooting a gay scene, and the male/female came on later but I left and only saw the part where.. pretty much the females came in.

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    Oh and! I don't think THIS is based in Toronto, but I know the manager of that company [one of them]. Whom lives in Toronto.

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    Why don't you get into porn industry and sell/make porn but hire actresses and actors?

    If you have some money to throw away, this would get you more legitimate puss than being in porno.

    just a thought.

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    I just think of how good Joe Francis had it by taking a video camera and doing what a lot of New Orleans bars had been doing for years and selling it on late night TV. Too bad he got carried away with himself and not covering his ass enough. He has a goldmine - the Ashley Dupre video, and because she might be underage in the video (and could get his ass shipped back to jail) he might not be able to make any money off of it.

    I saw the AVN awards on Showtime (Randy West is looking old). When I've seen porn movies in the past 6 years it's got the "how far can we go", like it's an extreme sport. Why not have the XXX Games? It's such a huge industry now, but a lot of people have gone the DIY route and sell the downloads or webcams over the internet. I would think the expo in Vegas every January is where a lot of people who want to learn how to get into porn go. Learning Annex has those "getting into the adult business" classes. I just thought it was interesting that major film studios, according to a few documentaries about the commercial and adult film industries, were shooting porns on the backlots of the biggest studio names, including the one least likely to be associated with porn, that's known for "quality family entertainment" and has well-known amusement parks. I don't know if it's true or not.


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