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    Sargin Abroad

    For everyone, that's been sargin abroad...

    In which cities (countries) have ya'll had the best experiences, the worst experiences sargin???

    I'd love to hear some stories/ tips for dealing with language barriers in foreign countries.



  2. I had a LOT of luck in Fukuoka, Japan, and that was long before I found the community. The mentality over there (at least in that city specifically) is along the lines of "if it feels good do it." The girls there couldn't speak English for f*all and I was the same with Japanese, but it didn't seem to matter. Basically I just kinda made contact with them on the dance floor or near it with just smiling and dancing or saying something AFC like "hi" or "having fun?" and that was all that i needed. the rest was all body language and making a game of trying to spit out whatever we could in each other's language. If you know that you're taking a trip to a certain country I would recommend learning some basic entertaining words and phrases that you could say to a girl and pretend like you're actively trying to learn the language. then you can get her to teach you something new, you the same to her, etc..

    Man, Fukuoka's a blast! Total party town!

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    That's awesome man. I love going out in other countries, especially with the language barrier. It becomes much more of an adventure then.

    I'm workin on learning some French for an upcoming trip. Hope to be able to have at least a basic convo in the language.



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