Any PUA from Egypt ???
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    Any PUA from Egypt ???

    hi everyone , any PUA in Egypt and need a wing plz reply to this

  2. yes - but i developed my own techniques as the Egyptian gurlz are different ..

  3. let us connect

    Hi Karim , Akarimo

    I am also in egypt -cairo and i find it challenging to get along with women in that direction , so let us arrange to meet hopefully we can exchange experience and help each other .

  4. i'm up for it

    Hey Guys, I would be interested in a meet up as well! This place seems to have some peculiarities that we should swap info about.

  5. can we kind of chat because meeting would be akward ?

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    hey guys we have lots to talk about , this is my email

  7. Hi, Im a german PUA and I will be in Cairo from 19 th of july till 17 th of august 2008.
    Are there any PUAs who wants to go saring with me in Cairo during that time?

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    I am chating with a PUA now ,cant wait to wing with u guys

    my yahoo is

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    I'm a PUA, Cairo...
    I agree Egyptians have more bitch shield, but the techniques are universal & they work

    I'm happy to know some PUAs are on the scene & would love to meet sometimes

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    Reviving the Thread....

    All Previous Messenger Contacts has been added and no one ever gets online.

    Anyone Interested to discuss PUA or have a Wing in Egypt Kindly reply to this thread or leave me a private message with his/her messenger addy on msn or yahoo and I will add them.

    Female PUA are also welcome.


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