Slightly Different Progression Model?
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  1. Slightly Different Progression Model?

    1. Meet or open. This is a relatively simple part, but often takes a lot of confidence. This step must be done with an Alpha Male manor, and always remember to use positive body language. Always have demonstrated beforehand your social value, and have DHV in your favor.

    2. Show you are the Alpha Male and DHV. This is where you must physically display your confidence and dominance over the majority of other guys. If you donít do this here, you will most likely get blown out. If not already done, connect to her friends in any way possible. Talk to them, and make them comfortable with your presence, and have them feel you are in control and can do whatever you want.

    3. Initiate social tension with an FTC or something similar. Make yourself seem like you could get up and leave at any point and not have a problem. Have them want to be there with you, and not the other way around.

    4. Qualify. Find out if the girl is up to your standards. If she isnít, then find a new target in your set, or leave and find another target completely. Test her. Showing her your own methods amplifies attraction immensely. If she does something you like, SOI her and then test her at your new buying temperature. If she doesnít, then send no SOIís.

    5. Ultimate Attraction Phase. This is where NEGís are crucial. Destroy a womanís ego, and make yourself seem challenging, different and in control of the situation. One key thing to remember is you must SOI her during this stage. Show that she can get you. Let her attract you. She wants to be allowed inside your bitch shield, and NEGíing too much will blow her out. Always be the Alpha Male, and use body language to do so. DHV must be initiated a lot during this stage. This is where all of these factors come shattering down on her reality. You begin with being Alpha Male, then DHV, then dominate and show confidence, then FTC or initiate Social Tension, then qualify. This step is where you hammer home every single on of these aspects and you completely blow her away with how different and amazing you are. This step is crucial. If you lose your Alpha status, then it is much more difficult to completely control the set or target. Pay special attention to this step.

    6. Begin high levels of Kino. This depends on the scenario. If youíre dancing at a club, this isnít entirely necessary, just develop her buying temperature and then plow her until you get the hookup. In other scenarios, use simple things like wrist touching, playful hitting, massages etc. Keep developing this until youíre ready to plow. If only a number close is desired, then this step isnít necessary either.

    7. Comfort. Sometimes to get a woman to escalate physically with you, there must be comfort and rapport. Find things in common with the girl. Tell stories. Change venues. Play games. These are all comfort builders. Although this is possibly the most important part, you still need to keep up the attraction material. These two steps overlap. This is only desired if you are intending on a relationship, or on pulling the girl back to your place. Remember to not go overboard with NEGís in this stage, as that is a common mistake men make.

    8. Closing. If youíre looking for the number, never directly ask, just say something like, ďWell I have to go, but what can we do to continue this conversation?Ē And she will respond by giving you her number. There are other forms of closing but this is the most simple. If you are looking for a K-close, then initiate step 6 beforehand and do not take step 7 very far. Plow for the make out after high Kino, and attraction phase building.

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