Text Game By Braddock

I will try to do a better write up on my text game rules sometime, but it's such a hard thing to teach just by writing about it, but I think seeing this will be really helpful. Keep in mind that my style is just one of many. It all depends on your personality and your goals. I don't want a girlfriend and I'm kinda bored with just one night stands unless I'm traveling, so I go for more friends with benefits when I'm back home. Decide what you want. I'm typing up more and more of my text message game and I will try to post more of them by category in the future. Eventually I want to show you what one night stand text game looks like, relationship text game looks like, day two style text game, and friends with benefits text game looks like. I don't have time to type up each category right now, but I will try to in the future.

Anyway hope this helps...........


I like to keep my texts fun and lite. If I sexually framed them when we met then you would be suprised how sexual things can get even over text before you've ever slept with them. If we have already had sex then they can get pretty sexual, but until then I use lots of call back humor. If we've already had sex or if we haven't had sex, but we have spent time together then texts are a great way to ping and keep the attraction alive until the next time you meet. They don't have to be fun and amazing every time, but I think it is a helpful tool to set you apart from the other 10 guys she is talking to.

Crucial point to getting good at text game...... Just like with everything else in game you must calibrate. Certain girls will respond more to certain types of humor and certain levels of comfort. Some girls love to joke rough and like when I'm kind of a dick to them in a joking way. Other girls respond more when I show a somewhat sweeter side and respond negatively to rough or sexual jokes. However, this can change. As you spend more and more time with any one girl you can build compliance momentum and the same girl who acted disgusted by a sexually charged joke may send you texts that would make a porn star blush!!! Some girls love to write long texts to me and love when I write them long texts back. I've also noticed some girls that only respond when I respond with delayed short texts that sub communicate that maybe I'm to busy for them or maybe I'm not sure if I'm interested. Some girls would stop talking to you if you sent them several messages like this.

I like to mix it up and send both long funny messages where I replied almost immediately some times and then be short and business like messages where I took a while to reply other times. I feel it really keeps them off guard and on their toes with you. If you try to be super funny in every message and write a 4 page message EVERY TIME, then you look like you really want her bad, and you have nothing better to do. Not to confuse you even more, but once again the above MUST be calibrated. If things are going great and she is writing you 4 page messages back every time, then feel free to keep writing her long funny messages.

Just because it worked on one girl doesn't mean it will work on the next. You must learn to understand where you are with each girl. How do you do this? Go get lots of phone numbers and try different things. Fuck it up and lose girls. I have slept with many girls that I met one time for 20 minutes in a bar, never talked to on the phone and only talked with them on text until they came over and we had sex. This isn't how it usually goes, but it does happen and it only happens because I've practiced my ass off at text game. I've also had girls that it was super on with at a bar, ran great attraction, qualification, and comfort game, and then fucked it up on text message and slowly lost her until she hardly replied. It happens. Don't let it get you down, it's not a reflection of you, it just means you need to work on it.

Get a journal or start a word document and save your best stuff. You will start to see a pattern that takes place and you will start to see different patterns in girls. You will know when you need to start slow or when you can jump in and be more sexual.

Another key point I've added recently and it's really seemed to help. Often times I'll send a mass text message to like 30 girls. Just something random and funny that doesn't really ask them anything and doesn't ask for much back. It's just a small thing that I'll do that just kind of forces them to think about me and not forget that I'm around. When you send these kind of messages, it's crucial that somewhere in the message put their first name. If it looks like a mass text message then she won't feel anything toward you when she reads it. She will assume you sent it to tons of people. By simply starting it with "What up Sara? bla bla bla" or threading her name in their somewhere she will feel it was personal.

I could write a novel on text game rules. I actually have a structure that I use and I teach it on bootcamp. I'm considering posting it, because I think it's a crucial tool for any guy running cold approach game.

Here is an example of how I ping with a girl between meet ups. I use call back humor and stay in a theme for a little while. Don't keep it going forever, but keep it up as long as it's fun. DON'T use this exact message!!!! This only works for me because it's congruent with the guy she met and the guy she has hung out with. If you don't have a sense of humor like mine then this message would come across strange.

When we met she had a camo skirt on so I was calling her Rambo all night. Hence the army theme throughout this text.....

Text To Lauren

Braddock: "Echo 1 this is Bravo Company…kksssh. Nip/Tuck in t-minus 5 min….kkshh. I repeat: mother bird is in her nest….kkshh. Repeat: the crypts are raiding the liquor store. Copy? Over…."

Lauren: "Bravo company this is Echo one and I’m pickin up what you’re putting down but unfortunately I won’t be privy to such luxuries’ as nip tuck, tonight bc I have other engagements to ten d to …such as studying for exams and preparing for my interview tomorrow morning…I’m counting on you to take notes and provide a detailed summary of the nights events. Think you can handle that?"

Braddock: "Echo 1 this is Alpha 1. That last transmission was inaccurate. Nip/tuck in t minus 50 minutes. Don’t let Charlie see this message…Self destruct in 5 secs."

Lauren: "Bla Bla Bla…."

Braddock: "Roger that Lima Bravo. That’s a 10-28 (loud & clear). Tango X Ray will be in service. Zulu acknowledges message & will return to headquarters w/assignment completed. Delta Foxtrot has tivo ready & waiting for mission. Report by land line after your tasks are completed b/c Romeo Delta wants a full debriefing of enemy engagements. Divide & conquer all tasks this week. Hoo-rah!

Lauren: "Bla Bla Bla….."

Text with me and LP

Braddock: “How are things with you and the virgin? Is the sex mind blowing?”
LP: “Shut up jerk, you are so mean!
Braddock: (Sent pic of parents new puppy)
LP: “Do you really think that’s going to make me like you more? Nice try. But he is oh so cute.”
Braddock: “Cute? More than cute. He’s cute as a damn button. He’s a virgin like your boyfriend!!! Shall I hook you up???!!!
LP: “Hahaha!!”
LP: “I dumped him you jerk! Are you going to Sara’s Bday party?”
Braddock: “Unless it’s a bible study….. no.”
LP: “You are so full of shit.”
Braddock: “Why cause I love Jesus? You could learn a lot from him. If we don’t hang out by Sunday I’m deleting your number.”
LP: “Well you never call me. I have 3 test Monday!”
Braddock: “You never call me”…….Hey LP, I’m getting another call….It’s 1945 they want your views on not calling boys back when your done with them. Fine, then I guess I’ll delete it now, but I’m going to have to get drunk to scrape that tattoo of your number and pic off my ass…..damn it!”
LP: “LOLOL You are sooo weird!! Where do you come up with that stuff?”
Braddock: “Are you being a bitch to me because I’m black? God I hate Texas girls, so closed minded.”
LP: “LoL….See! Let’s hang out Sunday. Can I study at your house?”
Braddock: “Is …. “Study at your house,” code for group sex? I’m gonna go with no. I have to floss my cat’s teeth…….or something. Sorry. Maybe another time.”
LP: “Shut up I’m coming at 7!”
Braddock: “I’m a human dynamo in bed, but I don’t know if I’m good enough for you to name an exact time that you will orgasm, but we’ll try. The safety word this week will be Fire Engine. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is just not working out for me. It’s not that it’s too long, it just reminds me of my ex wife.
LP: “LOLOL That’s not what I meant! Sara said she wants to come too.”
Braddock: “So many 3some jokes going through my mind, but I’m not into toilet humor……….You guys have to bring cookies… And GOD HELP YOU IF THEY ARE CHOCOLATE CHIP OR PEANUT BUTTER!!! I hate chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cookies slightly more than terrorism…..but just slightly.”
LP: “haha….fine. Do you like snicker doodle?”
Braddock: “If snicker doodle cookies were a girl…. I would call them a 6, if I was drunk. I would make out with her, but she would never meet mom.”
Lauren: “lololol…..OMG!!!! Who are you? What kind do you like?”
Braddock: “Who am I? 2 weeks of marriage and 5 kids and you still don’t know me? That’s exactly why I need this break. Well that and the fact that you have crooked teeth and cankles……….Oatmeal Raisin, sugar, etc…..”
LP: “HAHAHA!!!!! Cankles!!! I don’t think sooo and you know I have perfect teeth. You told me you loved them when we met.”
Braddock: “I was drunk and just trying to get you to bake me cookies.”
LP: “LOL…..well I guess it worked.”
Braddock: “Ok, my thumbs are starting to hurt, I’m getting carpel tunnel. I’d call you later, but my throat clinches up and I get all nervous on the phone with girls. I just don’t know what to say, so I’ll just hide behind my text messages until I see you Sunday. Do we actually have to hang out or can you just drop the cookies off on the porch?”
LP: “HAHAHA…just tell them how pretty they are. Probably shouldn't mention cankles and bad teeth. Just a start. I’ll put them in the mailbox…See you Sunday brat.”

Text with Alexis

She is in medical school, so I use lots of humor about her being a nurse instead of a doctor or just any joke I can think of about med school or the medical field.

Alexis: “Did you find a new love bunny in LA or what!? Did we really break up?

Braddock: “We will NEVER break up. You took my virginity, as they say in the movie Highlander, “There can be only one!!!”

Alexis: “HAHA….you gotta be the only person who would reference Highlander in a text message. Ur a weirdo : p”

Braddock: “Ha. Don’t fuck with me on movie trivia…. I’m a man amongst boys.”

Alexis: “I’ll keep that in mind. Where u been hiding jerk face!? Thought a lion ate ur arm!

Braddock: “I know I know….I’ve been on lock down the last few weeks.”

Alexis: “And who has u on lock?”

2 hours later…..

Braddock: “Just been crazy busy with work…. What are you up to?”

Alexis: “Pray for me, I have a Chem test 2day. Need a 96 for an A in the class!!!

(Few hours later)……

Braddock: “How did your test go?”

Alexis: “About to go take it! After my work out…”

Braddock: “Good luck. Kick some ass. Trample the weak and hurdle the dead!”

Alexis: “LOL….You are crazy! I’m putting that as my myspace quote!”

Braddock: “Do you want me to text you the answers for your test?”

Alexis: “They convinskate phones…It’s in the testing center…..And im a genius anyways…Thanks tho babe.”

Braddock: “hmmm… “convinskate.” LoL….Your genius must be limited to Chem.”

Alexis: “LoL….you jerk! I really am smart.”

Braddock: “I know, you’re one of the nerdiest girls I know…. That’s why I like you. Do you wear a pocket protector?”

Alexis: “Heck yeah I do!!! Everyday in my scrubs….. You are so mean!!!!!!”

Braddock: “Mooohaha.”

Alexis: “Do u wear a fanny pack?”

Braddock: “Does Howdy Doody have wooden balls?!? Hell yeah I do. It’s custom made. It’s Italian leather with Braddock in rhinestones. It’s a dual pocket 2 zipper comfort fit.”

Alexis: “You are so weird! My dad use to say, “Does Raggedy Anne have cotton boobs!”

Braddock: “The answer to your dads question is “no.” That’s actually an urban legend. I believe her breasts are actually buttons.”

Later that night….

Alexis: “When are u going to actually come hang out instead of working out ur thumbs all day?”

Braddock: “Dude, we gotta ask my mom……..she’s gonna say, “Go ask your dad.” And he’s gonna make us leave the door open and the lights on the whole time you are here……”

Alexis: “Well, tell them ur going to one of your buddy’s houses and then just come stay with me. My parents are out of town this weekend.”

Braddock: “Nice thinking.”

Later Later that night……

Alexis: “I’m going to bet. Good night, have a great day tomorrow.”(She then messaged me on myspace)

Braddock: “Sending me messages on myspace? I thought you went to bed. How can we be together if you are gonna lie to me all the time?”

bla bla bla.....