need a quick opener for facebook
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    need a quick opener for facebook

    I'll give you a little background on my situation, basically I met this girl at a music festival two days ago, we chatted briefly (i wasn't at my cocky/funny best at the time but she still seem to dig me) she asked me if I had facebook and gave me her name. So I'm gonna add her on facebook tonight but I need an opening message that will make a bit of an impact.

    I'm thinking of using something like "hey, how was the rest of good vibes for ya, hope you weren't thinking about me too much"
    (for those who don't know good vibes was the music festival)

    anyone got any suggestions?

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    Moved the Newbie Forum. Let your fingers do the walking through the Online Forum ... there are boatloads of online openers there. Also read the stickied threads at the top of that Forum, like Cajun's on everything you'd need to know to score from the privacy of your home computer.
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