Kinda Looking for More Growth...
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    Kinda Looking for More Growth...

    Well, like I said...reading Mysterys book was a special experience.

    I m thinking there are two paths to go from there..

    one is to really delve into that book and master each part with experience and become better using the book for the most part

    second, there might be more knowledge I need to know about. more books might be need to read.. I might need to goto a Mystery IN person teachings

    I am kinda looking for where to go from here...


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    don't get lost in the maze of pickup knowledge. Real knowledge comes from practice and pracitce is only done in the real world not in the books. People spend years learning the game and never approach one women because they think they can find the perfect formula that will make a woman instantly attracted to them if they found the sequence. It does exist but if you actually do learn it but then decide to go practice what you spent years learning but it comes out sloppy because this is the first time you tried it you'll feel discouraged and think again you don't know enough and go back to the books and this thing is a never ending circle. What you want to do is go out with whatever you learned so far, try it out, see what works for you and what doesn't then tweak it to your style and read something new if you want to add more techniques to your arsenal. #1 thing is to PRACTICE.

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    Momento87 struck the very point, don't get lost in material. MM is highly effective for pickup. Go out and practice, half of hour of practice is worth 10 hours of seminars. When you get a bit familiar with the concept and how it works IN THE FIELD, I highly advise you to take WORKSHOP. It will dramatically increase your learning curve. Workshops will tell you exactly what are you doing wrong and how to perfect what you do right. And all that will be done IN THE FIELD where the game is really played.


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