Foot flirting : How to escalate?
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  1. Foot flirting : How to escalate?

    Need a manual for foot flirting...

    I've just found myself in a situation where a girl sitting next to me foot flirted insistantly. I've tried to "respond" by foot flirting back but she took her feet away. Then I stop and she starts again...

    What am I supposed to do then? Accidently drop something on the floor and touch her leg in the process?

    I suppose it's one of those things they see on TV and they end up assuming all guys know what to do next...

    Thank you for the help

  2. woah, yah; this has happened to me before too. what are we supposed to do lol

  3. I have a similar situation cept its involving more of the upper leg.....

    See in my situation,this girl rested her leg on my leg whole class.Basically to picture it were sittin side by side and her knee and part of thigh were on my knee so she was kinda sittin sideways while I was facing forward.I didnt know how to react since she already has a BF and KNOWS that shes doing it so its not like one of those unconsious things you do.

    I didnt do anything about it but just enjoyed it and the feeling was good and she kept it there.The following class I flipped the switch and let my arm rest on her leg the whole class somehow.I mean the way my arm was it seems IMPOSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE NOT TO NOTICE.

    So from my little story,let her do whatever she wants.She seems comfortable with it.But next time flip the switch and see if shes comfortable with YOU starting it.

    Dont accidently drop something and just barely her leg.Man think like a Alpha Male.Would an alpha male be constantly thinking about his next move and just find bare opportunitys?NO.

    OR you can take the playful approach next time she does it and say "Hey is my foot just your little toy all class that you can play around with?Huh?"Something along those lines with some tweaking

  4. Haha i start with playful foot touch . then i stroke the girls leg with my foot in an over the top manner with a playful fun face. Ive actually had a girl respond by touching my dick with her foot. However your eventually going to have to get next to her haha

  5. Dropping something is lame and sneaky. If she's playing hard to get with you, play hard to get with her.


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