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    my quest for 10


    So I dove into TMM head first several months ago. Being new I used what very little I knew and ended up with a gf out of the deal. At the end of that relationship I vowed that this year I would be with 10 girls... minimum! I've been reading and studying on a daily basis. Every time I'm in the field I'm seeing more and more progress. Getting numbers and k-closes from online games is a joke now. So onto this week...

    I'd met this girl before and got a number. Stashed it in my phone ignored it for a while because I had other things going on and had to prioritize. I made plans with her and cancelled because I had a hb8 that I wanted to see instead (2 bj night on that one!). So I finally get to see her last night. I'd gotten her number the old fashion way and had run zero game on her in person. However I'd hammered her with txt game. We meet out at a small bar. After some initial chitchat I neg her, "aww you've got the cutest little hands". and she begins to show IOIs. I use the ESP routine and now she gets really amazed and intrigued because I got it right. I use it for some DHV and lead into comfort about how I have her figured out and understand her. Kino escalation, have to scare of an AMOG from her past, and we bounce to a new location. I let her pick the bar and of course she picks a place close to her house... hmmm wonder why? I escalate more and k-close in the bar. then I hit a snag. Her friend shows up. So of course I just stay interesting and adress both of them as a group. I completely stop escalation of my target. I pretty much switch gears and use opinion openers about them... spells, etc... So the friend leaves. Closing time. Interestingly enough we go back to my place instead of hers.

    No LMR thank god! 1 bj, then the full monty! What a couple of days! 2 days, 2 girls - 3 bj's and 1 f-close.

    My quest for 10 has begun. 1 down 9 to go.

  2. nice job - i'll bet cancelling the plans for another girl made her want you more (even if you didn't tell her directly the reason for your cancel)
    because you could project a very honest and congruent preselection.


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