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    Great Stuff

    I got the DVDs in the mail last Saturday and I literally watched them non-stop glued to every minute.

    The foundations were helpful and the three rules of relationships are great guides. Next came an overview of the different types of relationships followed by general prinicpals that apply to all relationships (I would list them but I am unsure how much detail I can provide). Savoy then goes into each type of relationship in detail and provides very sound advice in each case. I myself am on the verge of a traditional relationship so I was particularly glued to this part and I found some pretty useful information there. I would have liked a bit more information on the traditional relationship because I did know some of the rules Savoy outlined from Magic Bullets and the Friends with Benefits interview. But this part was supplemented later with some interesting stuff.

    After the types of relationships comes a section on how to change relationship types which was very insightful. One of my favorite parts was next: the model of predicting infidelity. This part was pure genius and I got a lot of great information here. A subheading of this came up when Savoy gave advice what to do when a guy starts flirting with your girlfriend and it was not what I expected. I have definitely addressed this issue incorrectly in the past and I was writing FURIOUSLY during this part.

    After each section was a Q & A and for the most part these were helpful as well. The bonus Q & A disc was a mixed bag in my opinion. Granted, it was a bonus, but some of the questions seemed not useful to me. Maybe for others they would prove useful.

    Overall, I would give this product my unreserved recommendation! The video is well produced, professional, and full of great advice. It is definitely the essential relationship guide and I am sure I will consult it frequently in the future.

  2. Great, I should buy them. I just feel like I don't have the skill level yet to worry about that, even if the relationship management starts at the approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savoy View Post
    So something can feel like common sense because it fits so well with what you know in your passive mind...but also be very useful if it brings a concept, rule, or conclusion to your active mind and tie it all together.

    And you're never wondering if the product is too basic or too advanced - they all start at the basic and continue to the advanced and are specifically designed so that they can be used at any starting skill level.
    Common sense is not commonly applied. Often even people who are really successful in many areas of life have real weaknesses in basic areas, and I don't know anyone who doesn't have a serious difficulty with something that most people find easy, such as their weight, finances, work, romantic relationships, parenting, academics, driving, you name it.

    I have this, and I have to say that before I found the community about the only thing I had that I could do well was cold approach/SNL. Ironic that this is considered advanced, because I sucked at all the other stuff. This product, The Approaches' Master Your Social Destiny, and my friend Kareas advice (put out a product dude!) have enabled me to get relationships that last longer than a week or two. The best thing is that this product enabled me to have a lot of sex I could have been having, but because I didn't know how to manage expectations I wasn't even bothering to engage in it at all, and now that I know I won't be breaking any hearts I'm comfortable having those friends with benefits. I should also have some 3some reports shortly because of this.

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    If you're thinking of buying this course, stop right now and just get it, it's that good. It's worth the money. Much like Vizenhour stated it's what you need to know if you're in this "game" to win.

    Content wise it's jammed packed full of useful relationship information whether you're a newbie (read: virgin) or had more than your fair share of relationships with beautiful women (read: i'm jealous). Check Streetwisekeen's post for a breakdown of content.

    I personally believe the infidelity model is pure gold and worth the price of the DVD's alone, but if you're reading this you're probably dubious as it is, so i found the Q and A session at the end of the course pretty insightful. It's where Savoy gives his own version of an FAQ from what i believe were bootcamp students at the time of the seminar recording.

    All in all a worthwhile tool.

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    I just got the DVDs today and watched them straight through. It was definitely a great investment and has cleared up alot of the questions and issues I've been experiencing lately! Savoy really delivers with this one! For anyone that has watched it I did have a question regarding a specific situation, but I won't post it here because this forum is for reviews. If anyone would take the time to look at it and offer advice I'd appreciate it!


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    The DVD set was exactly what i was needing right now, because i noticed that one of the biggest thing that was keeping me from improving my game...was my natural tendency of entering into traditional relationship without even thinking on it... really, at some point i was "commited" to someone and dropping my sarging nights...

    When started practicing i could sleep with a colleage at work and then i had a 9 month relationship i really didnt wanted in the first place.. (i know, i know...) later i almost fell into the same pattern.

    When i got the DVDs i dated an ex colleague and could kiss her in the first date and thats when i realized that all that i was doing was wrong...i was setting myself into a "boyfriend" material because of my behavior, so i immediately started applying some of the principles i learned from watching the DVD just once... so, i resisted to talk and see her so often, and i started to frame her different, its amazing how important was to avoid "boyfriend topics"....

    I plan to continue going out with my wings to practice i still have a lot to improve my cold approach game, so now i can have my "friend" and my "game practice" together.... but i think that the best will come when i find the "girl of my dreams" the advice and insights i got from the DVD will help me a lot.

    Pretty useful stuff, like they say..i wish dad had taught me this....

    Un abrazo desde Mexico

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    Great piece of advice...

    I usually thought that once you become good with women, you become a perfect candidate to be a "keeper" with them but nope, it's not, maybe i know how to get girls and have one night stands, but... most of the time didn't knew how to manage a relationship. Even worst: i didn't knew how many types of relationships exist and how to handle each one of them, but definitely this DVD set helped me a lot and now i have a more general idea on how to manage one and how to prevent making common mistakes, (i did a lot of them in my past 2 relationships).

    Definitely a must if you don't have a clue why you got dumped every time you try to have a relationship or why you can't keep one.


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    First off I don't typically write reviews but the information given from love systems is so solid i think it deserves some attention. With game we can get so fixated on the process of getting to close. Relationship management is overlooked at least this was with me. After having slept with a few women I always found myself in this weird position afterwords where either I didn't hear from them again or I would end up in a very emotionally binding relationship( not really Officially bf/gf) that I would have a very vey difficult time getting out of. It can be very very time consuming and I would lose focus of the goals I wanted to attain by ending up in hear non relationships I didn't exactly want in the first place. Even if we said it would be nothin serious before hand. The relationshiP management DVD finally brought clarity to me on what signals I was giving off and why I would end up more committed without realizing whyit happened. If you understand the triad model well this DVD seriously fills in and refines any uncertain or unclear idea. It helps tie in your dating life as a whole and reminds me of what the purpose of learning dating science was in the first place. It's not about just sleeping with beautiful women but being able to achieve and maintain relationship situations you could only dream of. Literally looking back at my last ex and this girl I'm currently dating I can steer my behavior in a direction that doesn't leave me feeling helpless to the whims of emotional ignorance. With that last thought in mind it isn't that it make u immune to the emotions involved but helps to understand why you and your partner/partners behave the way we do. Thanks Savoy and the Love systems team for yet again enlightening those who are willing to take the chance.

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    I first came across the DVDs many months ago back when I was in a relationship. I watched it back then in order to learn how to better understand why certain bits of my relationship weren't working out - and it did precisely that. I have to say this is probably Nick's most overlooked product. In my honest opinion this deserves as much attention as Magic Bullets. For me what I was looking for was also to understand how the female psychology works/changes when in a relationship and for that - I don't think there's a better product that one.

    This product is key in understanding how to best pick the type of woman you're looking for. Most men wonder why a specific girl cheated on them although they did 'most things right' this and think about what type of girl you're gonna go after next time. You need to know the fundamentals of Relationship Management - and Nick gives em to you in the simplest way possible.
    The information on each different relationship type is astonishing. Me personally, I never thought that there could be so many different types of commitments, let alone relationship types!

    The Three Part Infidelity Model is great! That ought to teach you what to expect out of the person you're with.

    The Bonus Q & A bit is also helpful, maybe 1 or 2 different questions might have been better , but still a lot of key info is said in there!

    Overall, I'd say definitely worth the money, and a great investment - possibly a bit more for those looking to learn about maintaining a healthy long relationship, but nevertheless suitable for everybody!

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    Now there are a lot of video lessons on YouTube, quite a lot of them and they are high quality, why pay more?

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