Vol. 18 Threesomes (Savoy and Badboy)
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    Vol. 18 Threesomes (Savoy and Badboy)

    So here it is... The long requested Love Systems product about specific tactics on how to initiate and close threesomes. On this volume with Savoy we have the added benefit of guest speaker Badboy to provide two different perspectives on the topic. This is the definitive product on how to set up, guide along, close and manage a threesome in any number of potential scenarios. Enjoy!

    Some of the topics discussed are:

    •The three most common scenarios that lead to threesomes.
    •The right way to lay the groundwork without offending the women.
    •Understanding female psychology and motivation regarding threesomes.
    •Specific tactics for subtly guiding two women towards becoming sexual with one another and closing the deal.
    •The most common mistakes guys make when trying to arrange a threesome.

    Quotes From The Interview

    "Try to understand what a woman is looking for in other women and the experience."

    "It must be you who is leading things along towards being sexual."

    What The Listeners Had To Say

    "By far the best threesomes product out there."
    BV - New York

    "Realistic, useful information... Thanks a lot."
    TC - Texas

    To get your copy of this product click here. If you wish to write your own review of this product just make a new reply post within this thread.

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    Vol. 18 Threesomes (Savoy and Badboy)

    I'm not that far through the content, but the sound quality, background hum, and actual sound breaks between tracks is well below average for the series. I never had an issue with any of the other discs, so at when I heard this I questioned whether I was listening to a bootleg version, or if they produced these discs from the wrong master (happened to Led Zep in the original issue of the CDs, when they used the wrong master tapes for some of the albums)

    Okay, just listened to the whole thing. Fixed something with my stereo, sound quality and hum are fine, the content is good, I've attended the TMM S&HG seminar and the left out a tip for threesomes for that, so content is very good but not great.... there still are breaks between some of the tracks, however.
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