How much should I invest into building rapport?
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  1. How much should I invest into building rapport?


    Guys, can you give me some advice on how much time/energy should I invest to a girl to maintain attraction.

    Some dating gurus advice to call a woman once a week, do not sms her and IM her at all. However, I found out, that If I devoted myself to such a program, many women lose interest. Some of them told me explicitely, that even though they like me ( are attracted to me), they dont want to remind themselves to me every time and that I should do something too ( I followed the once a week call rule )

    The same thing online .... I wanted to look busy and not needy so I always let the girls to IM me first .... they did it a couple of times but then stopped ( and much later I wrote them and they told me, that they found another boyfriend, even though they liked me but I did a little or no effort ( first steps in interaction)

    Can someone elaborate how much should I spend time with her , or call, IM, message her first to maintain her attracted, but at the same time not to look needy, desperate or one-itised?


  2. Call when you want to, without expectation or conditions. If you are needy, you can call once a month and they'll sense it. If you aren't needy, you can call twice a day and they'll sense that also. Sounds like you need to show more interest. Women will go fuck someone else if you don't give them (deserved) attention.


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