Funny answers to everyday questions
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  1. Funny answers to everyday questions

    hey guys does anyone know where to find funny answers to the everyday questions that girls ask you such as

    whats ur name
    where are you from
    what age are you
    where do you work

  2. Instead of looking for someone to hand you some answers, why don't you sit down with a pen and paper and write down some answers you think are funny. Then go out and field test them.


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    What he said ^^

    It's what I do, and you'd be surprised at just how much funny crap you can come up with. I suggest you think about responses while watching something with comedy on the tv or radio.

    It's just not the same when you have a few candles on with Barry White playing in the background.

    Good luck.

  4. her: whats your name
    you: i squat 170kg

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    I think it would be a good idea for you to post a funny everyday questions with an answer to one you use.

    Ex: What would be a good one to say when an hb says "am doing fine,you?"
    Hb - were are you going
    Me - am going crazy

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    Matt Damon.

    The only answer you'll ever need.

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    Girl: what's your name?
    Me: Amanda Hug.

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    here's my personal favorite:

    person: whats up?
    me: some would say it was the opposite of down...but actually "up" depends on the person's perspective...for instance: if a person were to point down while standing in china, the direction their "down" was traveling would penetrate the earth and actually turn into "up" once it reaches our side of the planet. so i guess you can say nothing is up. how about you?

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    Whats your name = IOI, tell the truth but maybe give yourself a clever nickname.. Austin "Danger" powers etc.

    Where you from / What do you do = always say "OMG those are such boring questions. Can't you think of something more exciting to talk about?"

    what age are you = from style you say "Young enough to do it often, and old enough to do it right"

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    HB: How old are you?
    EX: Elderly in spirit.
    HB: What, does that mean your young?
    EX: EGAD, lady, wamme tell you my personal history or you playin 21 questions?


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