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    The answer to "When is game game finally over?" has finally been answered.

    The number close, kiss close, fuck close... and the ass close! Yes, the ass close, the ultimate close in pick up

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    Yet to do it. Waitin on the right chick.

  3. I have met more than a few ladies that like that. I can love it when a girl just looks at you outta the corner of her eye and tells me "put it in my ass". Tight, and I remember when I had a gf years ago, we first experimented doing that. It was crazy, she came in less than a minute. I remember being dumb and saying that I'd never do that...haahaha I was a dumb kid.

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    I did it before loosing my virginity. Then I lost my virginity in the same night. She liked it; use a condom and lots of lube.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Recluse View Post
    Nope, and I don't plan on it. It's mostly girls that are pretty ... tore up from the floor up that will let foreign objects violate their anal cavity.
    You think that there is something wrong with a girl that will do anal? lol Weird.

  6. My wife was my first, she has more powerful orgasms that way than any other. Although she doesn't do it often.

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