How do I encourage her?
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  1. How do I encourage her?

    I'm in a long-distance LTR at the moment, and yes I realize that those rarely work out but I really care about this girl, but I have a slight problem. This girl is just what I want on a mental and emotional level - she's witty, educated, in touch with her emotions and not afraid to talk about them etc. But theres something about her that I want to address, and unfortunately its quite superficial. I'd rate her an HB6-7 right now but if she lost a bit of weight she'd come up to an HB9 easy. Don't get me wrong though, I don't mind being with her right now at all but I'm not at all opposed to her progressing up to an HB9. I'm just wondering how to encourage her to do that? I read the other post about involving her in activities, however, since she lives in London and I live in Boston its not quite so easy. I've tried mentioning to her how I'm going to the gym to shape up, and I am, but I don't think I've made any progress. She mentioned to me that shes going to go jogging some mornings with her friend to get in shape for her singing career but I'd appreciate any ideas.

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    You can't make them do anything they don't want to. If she was actually doing it, you could encourage her. Right now you're wanting to make her do it and that won't work. Just keep talking about how good you feel working out and how much weight you've lost, etc. Maybe she'll get motivated to do the same, maybe not. That's about all you can do though.

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    Make a bet with her. Friendly competition to motivate change.

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    yeah dude im tryna help my MOTHER on that subject everytime shes hurt or feels any uncomfort she finds a way to supress it! Shes obviously eating more and exerciseing less one or both! u just nee to "show" her unconcious mind that she has no real thing to worry about, trust me its easyer to show ur gf that then ur Mother! Its still a hard job but ask her if u wanna go on a walk or active stuff! she askes why say its a beautyful day or anything to get her with YOU and active! the more she exercises the more matabolizum she builds! ok bro!


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